The best season in years?
  |  First Published: September 2007

Finally it’s here - trout season again! Time has certainly gone very fast. It has been cold, wet and our rivers are running superbly. They have been nearly clear and are at just the right level. I can honestly say I think it will be the best trout season we have had in many years.

During the last few weeks, with trout season still closed, anglers have been amusing themselves with blackfish in the rivers and trout in the lakes. Darren Baumgarten caught a lovely 36cm blackfish using worms on a very light running sinker rig.

Blue Rock Lake has been rising steadily and once we get some more snow melting, it should hopefully be nearly full. Some small brown trout have been taken around the bank edges on worms, Powerbait and small soft plastics. Blue Rock normally fishes very well in September and October with the rising water levels.

I’ve had a few customers check out the Macalister River above Lake Glenmaggie and they’ve informed me that it has cleared up significantly. They reckon it is even ready for stocking again. One angler even said it looks quite good! The other good news is that Cheynes Bridge has been repaired, which will help Licola out a lot.

Well that’s about it for this month, short and sweet, but there will be plenty of more to write about next month now that trout season is open. I expect I will have some great tales to tell and some really good photos to match.

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