Cloudy Water Hinders Fishing
  |  First Published: September 2007

The much needed recent rains have really played havoc with the fishing this month. It is a brave man to complain about the rain, but take it from me – a full-time ‘chippy’, part-time ‘trouty’ – it’s nearly been a pain in the neck.


The lake is finally starting to fill up. I know there is a long way to go, but at a positive 16% capacity, it is a much healthier sight to see. If the current rain keeps up, and we get our usual healthy spring rains, we may see some great warm weather fishing.

Now is the time to wipe the dust off those favourite baitcasters, check the trebles on the Oargees and Stumpys, and make sure that the spinnerbait colour range is as good as you thought it was last time you went native fishing. Remember the start of September also marks the start of the Murray cod closed season. Nevermind, this allows plenty of time to chase big golden perch.

As a past tackle storeowner and a self-confessed ‘fly nut’, I can’t wait to pursue these fish over some of the newly covered ground. I had a shocker of a season last year so this year I plan to redeem myself.

Hot spots will be down towards the Big River bridge, the steep rock walls opposite the Big River mouth and my favourite, the steep rocks adjacent to Woolshed Inlet. There is heaps of structure to target. If the water allows, don’t forget Delatite Inlet, there is some great casting to be had from the banks.


Nearly everyone I talk to is struggling. Bait fishers using pungent berley seem to be the only regular fish takers, though lures and flies are still working when the water is clear.

On a recent trip I pulled two nice brown trout at about 1.3kg each, however, it was the one weekend this month that the Pondage seemed clear.

The low levels have exposed much of the muddy lakebed and with the added heavy rain you end up with coffee coloured water. For lure and fly casters, the best chance is to land the artificial in their mouth as they yawn.

Honestly this was pretty well the worst closed season fishing I have had for several years.

Despite poor results at the Pondage, September marks the opening of the trout season. Rather than being confined to the Pondage or lake, we can once again roam free along the rivers.

Do you remember where you first went last season? What you used? Did it work? It is good practice to keep a fishing diary throughout the year to help jog the memory. Also remember that even though the fish haven’t seen an angler for three months, they will soon learn and will get spooked – keep it stealthy out there.

I’m reluctant to report on rivers and qualities as two years ago I wrote a report on how perfect the rivers were only to have it flog down the next day and open the rivers in the worst conditions I have ever seen. The Rubicon and the Acheron both flooded – so once bitten twice shy. All we can hope is that the rain holds off and we see some low, clear waters.

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