Rains freshen Wimmera waters
  |  First Published: August 2007

Waters such as Wartook, Bellfield and Fyans lakes, along with the Wimmera River, are now receiving some much needed run-off and are looking the best they have for many months. Let’s hope the rains keep coming as we still need plenty more yet, but it sure has been great to see some rising lakes again.

Lake Wartook

I have been making many a trip to this great water, with mixed results. The fishing has mostly been good but can be patchy at times, particularly on days of low barometric pressure, or days of high boat traffic. When there are boats roaring all over the lake putting the trout down, fishing early in the morning is the best solution.

The flyfishing has been good with a few big brown trout chasing minnows around the shoreline. I recently caught a nice brown of 1.7kg on a Mrs Simpson fly cast as I drifted along the north shoreline. I also missed another trout shortly afterwards.

Trolling with Pegron spoons and Tassie Devil style winged lures has been successful right across the lake. Mostly it’s rainbow trout to 1.5kg that are being taken, but a few big browns to 2.5 kg have been landed over the last month as well. Hot pink or gold seems to be the top colour at the moment.

Baitfishing has been a bit hot and cold but some good catches of trout have come from the wall area. Baits such as peeled yabby tail, peeled prawns, scrubworms and Powerbait fished on the bottom have all been working well. It is important to use as little weight as possible and a very fine leader as the trout here have been extra wary with all the people trying to catch them. I have been using Platypus Super 100 line in 1.8kg breaking strain and it has been really good on these extra spooky trout. Mudeyes – if you can get them – have also been working well when fished under bubble floats.

Not many redfin have been caught but the few that have found their way into anglers’ bags have been large, up to an impressive 1.8kg. Most of these big redfin are being taken by anglers fishing for trout with mudeyes and worms.

Lake Bellfield

The creeks are still running into Lake Bellfield, which has made the water level rise over the last month. Many trout are now feeding in the shallow, flooded bays and can be easily sighted early in the morning by stealthy anglers. Flyfishing has been best method for catching them, with mostly small to medium size rainbow trout being taken on flies such as Woolly Worms, Mrs Simpsons and Hamills Killers.

Baitfishing with unweighted scrubworms will also work here at the moment. Lurecasting from the bank toward the wall area should also be worth a try, with Tassie Devils and Rapalas often working well here. A few redfin have been caught here lately but they have been mostly small.

Rocklands reservoir

The water level is slowly but steadily rising in Rocklands, which seems to have brought the fish up onto the banks in search of food. The wall area has been good with a few nice brown trout to 2kg being taken on worms and mudeyes, along with a few good-sized redfin as well. Fishing from the shoreline is best here at the moment, with early morning or evening the prime time to snare one of the big trout that lurk in this water. The browns here have been in terrific condition and absolutely full of fight, making for some great action. The markings on these trout are a nice deep orange/brown and they really look terrific.

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