Bream and perch heading upstream
  |  First Published: August 2007

Hello and greetings from Nelson on the mighty Glenelg River. August will see good fishing, but the question is where should anglers go?

I think we will continue to see good rains during August, which will give us a freshwater top to the river. Therefore when you fish upstream, for example above Taylors Straight, you will need to fish out from the banks as the bream will be hanging in the saltier water some 2m down. Move around and use your fish finder to locate fish.

Down at the estuary it is worth focusing on the incoming tides. Just anchor up securely and try to fish where the blue incoming sea water meets the browner river water. If you have a small boat it will enable you to fish some of the normally shallow flats that cover over when the tide pushes in. This can be exceptional and very rewarding angling. Remember to fish light and try not to cast shadows as the fish are really spooky in these shallow waters. If you happen to hook up, the fish go off big time!

With a good pair of polarising glasses you can often see where the bream have been feeding on the podworm beds. When you find them, sneak back and cast into the spot.

Bream have been very consistent at the estuary and up throughout the river, with schools slowly moving upstream. We now have reports of fish as high up as Forest Camp. As winter progresses these fish will continue to move upstream.

Perch catches have been great, with most of the fish coming from just below Donovans Landing up to Sandy Waterholes Landing, but I expect them to also move upstream. As with all fishing, however, there are always fish that break the rules – like the nice perch Dion Vale and his son Stein caught off the bridge pylons here in Nelson.

Best baits are shrimp, gudgeon and live gents, while hard-bodied lures such as Ecogear SX-40, and soft lures like Berkley Smelt and Minnows, are also effective. The perch must be thicker now than ever before as we are hearing of more and more fish being caught in the middle of the day and on all sorts of baits.

Mulloway are still scarce but they will improve.

Port MacDonnell over the border in South Australia has been a little quiet but Fred Lampard tells me the salmon have been good at Cape Banks, with fishos having success on shiny lures such as Laser Shiners and Halco Slices. Bream are being caught in the breakwater on whitebait and prawns and Fred reckons if someone had a go with soft plastics they would do very well over there. Keen surf fishermen are still catching gummy sharks along the coast.

One thing in favour of surf fishing in South Australia is you can drive onto the beach, thus giving you the opportunity of sitting in the comfort of your 4WD while you wait for a bite

Call us at the Nelson Hotel any time and we will try and fit you out with the latest news. If you can’t get me just leave your name and number and I will get back to you.

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