Get reddy for winter action
  |  First Published: August 2007

At this time of year, the fishing can be a little too hard and far too unpleasant for some anglers. I often hear comments complaining it is too cold and too windy - this really gets to me! Those that brave the elements are rarely disappointed. The colder weather is considered better for fishing as there are plenty of species to target.

The closed seasons do effect what can be targeted but you can certainly make the most out of the open seasons. At the moment we are still in cod season, yet many anglers are putting the cod gear away. However, even in winter, cod have still being caught in the Goulburn River on trolled lures.

Many anglers are catching good numbers of redfin in Waranga Basin despite the low water level. Last year we were taking redfin over 1kg on trolled lures. This year has unfortunately proved impossible for boat fishing.

A few diehard boaties are attempting to drag small tinnies through the mud to get into the water, but the more resourceful anglers are using longer rods to cast baits long distances. Worms and Powerbait are the preferred bait.The Goulburn River at Shepparton is fishing well for both Murray cod and yellowbelly. Anglers using the traditional baits such as bardi grubs and yabbies are taking mostly cod whilst the avid lure casters are taking both cod and yellowbelly. Spinnerbaits cast into the snags are providing the best results.

As the closing of the cod season approaches again we will have to look for alternatives. Recently we have spent most of our time fishing for redfin at Lake Eildon. When targeting redfin at Eildon most people would not consider fishing outside the warmer months. Of our trips there lately we have taken many redfin of over 1kg on baits, soft plastics and lipless crankbaits fished around the trees. With the results we have achieved I can see no reason why these fish shouldn’t continue right through the spring and beyond. I will say one thing though: these fish do not come easy. You have to be prepared to work hard and move often. It took me a long time to cast a $30 crankbait into the trees for fear of losing it on snags. However, catching a decent fish or two, helps to lose this fear, especially considering we have taken many fine fish and only lost one lure.

There have been confirmed reports of Murray crayfish being hooked on bait whilst fishing for redfin at Eildon – so a craypot or two may be a worthwhile addition. As always, make sure you check the fishing regulations regarding the water you are crayfishing in as they do vary quite a bit.

So don’t get yourself tricked into not fishing just because the traditionalists tell you that a particular species can’t be caught due to the weather, the time of year or any one of the many excuses we hear. If you feel like going fishing, just do it and the results will come your way.

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