Pondage reaches perfect level
  |  First Published: August 2007

It’s taken a while but the Eildon Pondage is finally lowering to a great level for flyfishers, and we’re not the only ones who like it low. Bait fishermen and lure casters also like the freedom and accessibility of the extended bank and lower water levels.


Water levels are starting to increase and gradually ground is being recovered by precious water. Nevertheless we are still a fair way off seeing the boat ramps at Fraser and Jerusalem creeks become usable again. With Death Ridge at the dam wall offering pretty well the only boat access, it’s easy to see how few people are negotiating the timber on the lake. This could very well, is one reason for the lack of fishing reports recently.

There are a few keen anglers who are still braving the cold and targeting trout with some success. Most are trolling with shallow diving lures in the main arm. Rapalas and Tassie Devils with bold red colours can really stir up some activity as the trout start developing their spawning colours.

I have had reports from Totally Trout of a 2kg brown trout that was trolled up from under the powerlines. Another great report is from the guys still persisting with larger StumpJumpers, who have caught several Murray cod adjacent to the Death Ridge Boat Ramp.

A friendly reminder to those who do brave the conditions: the morning fog can make it extremely difficult to avoid the sticks. Keep the revs down and troll the shallows for cruising trout feeding on what new ground has been covered.


The Pond is on the way down, the levels were recently filled to extremely high levels and then drained at an environmental 130 megalitres down the Goulburn River. It’s taken at least four weeks before the water really became fishable for flyfishers. During this time, one bait fisher had success with two nice fish up to 2kg landed on the humble gent. Those who have been putting in long hours have been rewarded with multiple captures, but those rainbows that were liberated last month seem to have dug in and gone really quiet.

Over the past month I have no real reports from the lure anglers. In tough conditions I have one report from Vicky at Totally Trout in Alexandra, one of their customers, using a Hamills Killer landed two pan size redfin and three brownies.

Now is the time to target the Pondage and really absorb the contours of the lake bed. Take photos and use this information to help you wade the many gutters and channels at higher levels. We all know that the Eildon Pondage is a heavily stocked Victorian waterway and right now there is less water between fish – so get out there and have a go.

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