Another chapter ends
  |  First Published: July 2007

The dreaded ending of another trout season has snuck up on us once again. Gladly this depressing time of year has again been balanced with some exceptional fish captures.

Our local Strzelecki streams in both Traralgon Creek and Morwell River have been fishing exceptionally well despite the low water levels. We have been lucky in the valley of late, with some consistent rainfall. Unfortunately the water flushes through the system very quickly, so that us anglers only get a couple of days we can fish good flowing water.

Despite this, spawning fish have been moving upstream. In areas of the Traralgon Creek around the Koornalla camping area and above, brown trout to 45cm have been a definite possibility. Steve Wright stumbled upon a group of spawning brown trout of which he caught one that weighed 1kg. This brownie fell victim to a Berkley Power Minnow in pumpkinseed colour and was released. These fish were that ferocious that they were actually fighting over the soft plastic, but the big male fish was just a little to strong and quick for the smaller trout around him.

Celtas and Rooster Tail lures have been fantastic as well but Steve and I agree that Berkley Power Minnows on a light jig head have been even better. Not all of the fish have been this big, but in next month’s report I reckon there will be some cracking photos as trout closing always produces whopping big fish.

Morwell River has had a run of big spawning trout as well, and anecdotal reports of fish over 1kg have been commonplace. Eric Wiseman from Fisheries was up high on the Morwell River recently and saw some thumping big brownies moving upstream.

Another surprising thing has been the amount of blackfish caught. Mick Gned has been catching heaps these fish, yet he has been doing the right thing and releasing these big natives. He has pulled at least half a dozen blackfish to 1.4kg over the past few weeks. Worms fished unweighted have been the most successful bait, but he has also done well with the trusty CD3 Rapala.

The Thomson River and its tributaries have seen some large trout moving upstream, no doubt to spawn. Far more big fish have been seen than caught, but brownies and rainbows to 40cm have been common.

Blue Rock Lake has been slow and to be honest I have not heard a lot of good reports coming from the lake. It is very low, so the banks are steep. Down near the wall I heard of a handful of smaller trout to 30cm caught on Tassie Devils. There was a few small redfin mixed in with them as well. The lake should rise over winter if we get good snow falls and a good melt. This looks likely, as the temperatures have already produced some early season snow.


Errol Parmiagiami and Eric Wiseman from Fisheries have done another survey of the Macalister River above Lake Glenmaggie in the past weeks. They have informed me that the river is still very dirty and the trout seem almost absent. It looks like it is not going to recover properly until next season and it will most probably need some well planned stocking regimes to start it back on its road to glory.

On the other hand, Lake Glenmaggie, despite its devastatingly low water level, has been producing some good trout catches down the wall end of the lake. Tassie Devils have been working very well and rainbow trout to 35cm and browns to 40cm have been taken regularly.

That’s about it for now, Next month I should have some ripper tales to tell about the end of the season as some thumper trout will have moved upstream. Hopefully anglers will remember that these big fish are spawning trout and should be released.

For more information about fishing central Gippsland, contact Will at Allways Angling in Traralgon on 51748544.

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