Local Tournaments Take Off
  |  First Published: May 2008

Hervey Bay’s diverse fishing is well represented with the many and varied fishing competitions that take place on the Fraser Coast. River, estuary, beach, reef and game fishing are all possible in Hervey Bay and there is a fishing competition for all these styles.

We recently held the Hervey Bay Boat Club fishing comp. It is one of the biggest competitions with thousands of dollars worth of prizes up for grabs – even if you don’t catch a fish.

The Toyota Orchid Beach comp is coming up next, on the 24 May to 30 May. As one of the most recognised tournaments in Australia and with a well-coordinated set up and logistical location, everyone should have a look at this tournament at least once.

Burrum Heads Fishing Competition

The Burrum Heads fishing competition is held every year over the Easter break and is one of the most relaxed, family friendly competitions on the Queensland coast.

This Easter, a record attendance of 1420 anglers hit the salty brine to test their skills against all that the Burrum River and its local reefs have to offer. The flathead section is a live weigh in category and this year 49 flathead were released after a short stint on the scales. Overall 252 fish were released, which is an outstanding effort and a great way to promote catch and release to the junior anglers competing.

For further information on next year’s competition, phone Max Smith on 0741295330.


Rooney’s and the Gutters have been fishing well for coral trout and scarlets, and a few cod are still on the move as well. Steve Cheng from Tropic Angler Lures has been getting good numbers of yellowfin tuna trolling both of these reef systems. So, if nothing else is working, towing a few lures is worth a try.

The Arty has been producing coral trout, blackall, cod and squire. The Fairway Buoy has accounted for golden trevally, school mackerel and a few cobia.

Squid will be back in the bay in the next few months so anywhere there is structure (jetties, reefs, rocks) is worth throwing a jig around. Many anglers don’t bother chasing squid because of the mess from the squid ink, but if you grab the squid behind the head and hold firmly this disables their ability to empty their ink sack. Once demobilised throw the squid in a bucket with a lid and the job is done.

So give it a go, fresh local squid is great eating and top bait.


Burrum Heads fishing competition results

Overall champion anglerPeter Smythe
Overall champion juniorCaitlyn Dahl
Heaviest bream0.748kgJohn Kitchen
Heaviest whiting0.640kgDarren Murton
Heaviest flathead (live)2.292kgAlan Jackson
Heaviest trumpeter2.107kgJeff Turner
Heaviest tusk parrot9.568kgBryon Jacobsen
Heaviest painted sweetlip4.665kgAdam Hassam
Heaviest golden trevally7.666kg James Manson
Heaviest red emperor6.194kgPeter Smythe
Heaviest coral trout4.369kgEric Harbourne
Junior heaviest whiting0.472kgJordan Thorbune
Junior heaviest pike0.144kgNickola Arthur Mcgreggor
Junior heaviest flathead1.009kgJake Corbett
Junior heaviest flounder0.450kgJayden Grieve

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