Goulburn Running Hot
  |  First Published: June 2007

If you are looking for somewhere to fish in the Seymour area at the moment, head to the Goulburn River. Other areas have fish, but the Goulburn is running hot. Hopefully some of you have already made the trip to the Goulburn and enjoyed the excellent fishing that it offers.

There is some very good fishing available in the Seymour area and access is good with two boat ramps in town. However low water levels can make boating in the Goulburn difficult – we have found it easier to travel out to the Mitchelton Winery area. Here you can launch your boat from the camping area or from the road bridge that crosses the Goulburn near Mitchelton Winery. There is not much parking space here for cars and trailers so it pays to get there early.

On my last trip there I took three cod and three redfin in about an hour. Lures, yabbies and worms are taking both cod and redfin. For the best results you really need a boat; bank fishing is possible but limited access makes it quite difficult. The fish are still active though and we have just had a significant rise come down the river.

Most of the cod I have heard about or seen have all been 4-17kg fish. I have heard of bigger fish but haven’t been able to confirm them. Fortunately, most of these fish have been released. I encourage all anglers to come and enjoy the fishing but please release the big fish. There are plenty of redfin in between the cod if you want a fish to take home.

Further downstream from Seymour, the Murchison area has also been very good for cod. Alternatively, some very respectable yellowbelly have also been taken. Anglers fishing from the bank using baits of bardies, yabbies and worms have taken most of these fish.

I spoke to one angler who spent seven hours walking the banks casting spinnerbaits with only one hit. As he was walking back to the car he noticed a swirl in the water, fired off one last cast and hooked a 4kg cod. A red and black Legend spinnerbait was the successful lure.

The Shepparton area has finally started to fire up. Over the last week or so reports have been coming in of some excellent sized Murray cod and yellowbelly. Most of these fish have been taken on cast and trolled lures.

Some anglers have been put off using lures here as they believe the water is too discoloured. This happens in many rivers where native fish are the main species. I agree that clearer water gives you a better chance with lures and gives the angler more confidence in what they are doing.

However, discoloured water is no reason to put the lures away – we have proven this during several recent trips. While trolling gives you the best chance to cover more water, I believe that in discoloured water, casting gives you a better chance to get the lures right in the fish-holding structure. Just be sure to make plenty of casts. Too many anglers put in half a dozen casts at a snag and then decide that there are no fish there and move on.

Lake Mokoan is dropping rapidly but the fishing can be quite good. The low water level has opened the lake up to more bank fishing accessibility. It is possible to drive around the lake in areas that would normally be covered by water.

Unfortunately this also makes the lake accessible to the poachers and unscrupulous sections of our fishing community. On a recent trip there we discovered a set line with a live 25cm yellowbelly as bait. This incident was reported to the 13FISH hotline. If you come across any similar situation please do the same.

The Goulburn really is the place to try all methods of fishing in June. The fish are there and they’re willing to play.

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