Simmo Slams Cressbrook
  |  First Published: May 2008

Ninety-three anglers attended the Cressbrook Bass Electric round, making it the biggest field to contest a BASSElectric event ever.

Despite organiser Carl Jocumsen being run off his feet, the anglers where soon out making a contest of the day. In total, 32 fish were weighed in with veteran Craig Simmons taking out honours.

Simmo fished with Simon Barkhuizen and cracked his first electric win with little separating their limits.They both used the same lure, being an Evergreen Little Max in 1/4oz colour size 50 (bluegill).

Craig used a Stealth DCX 841 with a Shimano Saros reel, 8lb Platypus braid and 10lb Platypus fluorocarbon.Simon used Stealth DCX 841 matched to a Daiwa 2500 Zillion spooled with Unitika braid and 11lb leader.

The Big Bass was caught by Tim Morgan and weighed 900g.He used a Millerod Bass Buster, Shimano Twin Power spooled with 10lb Unitika braid and 8lb Unitika fluorocarbon. The bass fell for the successful lure of the day,the Evergreen Little Max in 1/4oz colour size 50 (bluegill).

With Electric events becoming ever more popular and new anglers turning up regularly,Grand Final spots will be at a premium by the time October comes around.– ABT


Cressbrook Electric Event Results

1Craig Simmons21.13
2Simon Barkhuisen21.08
3Tom Reynold20.92
4Cameron Thornton20.91
5Tim Morgan10.9
6Wayne Gordon20.785
7Glenn White20.775
8Jason Warry20.725
9Jack Gold20.7
10Ian Jackson10.51

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