Anglers on the move
  |  First Published: April 2007

Fishing in the Ballarat district has been fairly patchy in the last month with some excellent catches recorded from some waters and poor results from others.

Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year to wet a line. The water temperatures are starting to drop and the fish are once again feeding actively on the surface. Normally it’s the time when the mayfly hatch but with the waters being so low and the early season hatch non-existent, who knows what might happen?

The Ballarat and District Anglers Association held the BDAA Shield recently at Lake Fyans and Lake Wartook with excellent catches taken from Wartook. Forty-seven anglers fished both venues over a weekend with 30 fish weighed in. The fish weighed ranged between 0.5-1.7kg and were rainbow trout, brown trout and redfin.

Wartook is fishing very well at the moment and this should continue throughout autumn. The most successful method for the weekend was fishing a gudgeon under a bubble float suspended just off the lake bed. Mudeyes under a bubble float were also successful, as were trolled lures.

The flyfishing will also start to fire up as the weather cools down, so it is well worth a drive up to Wartook for a few days’ fishing.

Newlyn Reservoir continues to produce fish on a consistent basis. The Ballarat Anglers Club recently fished against the Lakeside Anglers Club for the Begonia Shield. The Ballarat team were successful in winning the competition with Frank Gray landing a lovely redfin of 1kg using a bait of yabby fished on the bottom with a running sinker.

Cosgroves Reservoir continues to fish well with both redfin and trout being taken using all forms of angling methods.

Gong Gong Reservoir has seen trout rising to take caddis moths in the evening. There have been a few small fish taken with the odd larger trout to 1.4kg being caught. Once again as the weather cools down a little the trout will start to feed actively throughout the day.

In the coming months lakes that should see the activity of smelt feeding trout should fire up in Tullaroop Reservoir. Similarly in Newlyn and Talbot reservoirs the trout should start feeding more actively on both mayfly and smelt.

Autumn is a great time of the year to fish. Don’t be despondent with all the low water level in our storages, there are still plenty of fish just waiting to be caught.

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