Bream abound in April
  |  First Published: April 2007

Hello again from Nelson. Positive reports of all popular species of fish available in the Glenelg River have been coming in throughout March.

Bream catches in particular have been very consistent. I need to say that you will catch a lot of small fish under and near size, but I can’t tell you strongly enough: to catch better fish keep on moving around and trying different spots. What may have worked today may change tomorrow.

The most consistent fresh bait is still crab, be it whole, cut, cracked or whatever – try it all. The advantage of using crab is they are tougher for the juvenile bream to get off your hook. Use a running sinker and if you do get a smaller fish that has swallowed the hook deeply, cut the line and release the fish. Extensive studies have been done over the last two years and they have found bream will eventually pass or dissolve mild steel hooks and their survival rates are high.

Down at the estuary try to choose the incoming tide and set two anchors (fore and aft) to secure your boat. The same applies as you search further up the river the only difference is you need to fish the edges. Cast your bait to within inches of the bank, then let it sink onto the structure with coral growing on it – this is where the bream will be feeding. It will result in some lost gear but all in all it is a fair battle between angler and fish.

During April I suggest fishing from the estuary up to say Forest Camp. Until we get some decent rain I can’t see things changing too much. Those wanting a good day out should take plenty of pilchards for bait, dice them up the size of a five cent coin and use the pieces on just a hook with no sinker. Then try to keep count of the fish you catch! Amongst them will surely be some keepers for your hard work.

Another school of mulloway entered the river between mid February and early March. Going on past years if we don’t get huge rains a lot of these beautiful fish will stay throughout the year. I’m looking forward to warmer winter days trolling my favourite lures along the banks with a couple of mates.

Perch catches are again on the rise with fish to 1.8kg being caught from here in Nelson up to around Pattersons Canoe Camp. Shrimp, cricket, gudgeon and live gents are the best of fresh bait. With around 20 patterns in SX40 lures available, the ones I have heard doing the best have a little bit of red on the underside. Attack lures also are worthy of casting into the snags and structure along the banks.

Green Point and Danger Point have kicked into gear early in March with good snapper catches and mulloway to about 26kg. Access is available by 4WD and beach launching with small to medium size boats is fairly easy. Directions are needed as you go through a farm, although it is a public lane way. Greenpoint is fairly sheltered and the worst you will fish in is a bad chop or a roll. Big kelp beds around 800m from shore in about 3-6m of water is the perfect spot for these huge fish to hang around. Also remember you can drop net for crays over in South Australia The window of opportunity is only about a 6-8 weeks long most years so I will try and keep up with the latest news. Call us at the pub (08 87384011) and we will try and fit you out with the latest news.

The breakwater over at Point MacDonnell is also worth a go for whiting, salmon and the odd snapper or mulloway. Great boat launching is available but check the local guide before you go out. Stick to the marked channel as there a lot of shallow areas off to the sides. The channel will lead you to some great whiting sand holes that produce some ripper fish. Another good thing to do over at the Bay is to go spotlighting for garfish in the evening, on the right night a feed of gars is easy to get. For any enquiries contact us on --e-mail address hidden-- .

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