3rd Annual Portland Bait and Tackle Fishing Competition
  |  First Published: March 2007

This years competition saw a total of 363 entries which was around 70 more than last year, and included 92 junior entries. The weather really turned it on for us with about 10cm of rain for the duration of the comp. Nobody seemed to mind the rain as the weather was still warm and we hadn’t seen any for a few months. Actually the rain seemed to add to the overall good feeling that our comp seems to generate between all contestants both young and old.

The winners were:

Charlie Araldi Cup – heaviest Snapper – Jason Wilson – 1.26kg

Bob & Dolly Brown Cup – heaviest whiting land – Mick Sheehan - 440g

Hos Stacey Cup – heaviest whiting boat – Michael Crooks - 520g

Wally Carey Cup – heaviest yellowtail kingfish – Brent Murray – 8.81kg

Heaviest snapper – junior boat – Toby Malcolm - 990g

Heaviest snapper – junior land – Cameron Browne - 680g

Heaviest whiting – junior boat - Liam Hildebrand - 560g

Heaviest whiting - junior land – Tim Mibus - 560g

Heaviest fish – junior land – Dean Wombwell – 410g trevally

Heaviest yellowtail – junior – Cody Churchill – 2.56kg

Chris Hall

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