Goulburn River cod getting busy
  |  First Published: March 2007

At the moment the fishing in this area is all about Murray cod. It seems that no matter where you go, Murray cod are there for the taking, and not only the undersized specimens that anglers get so disgruntled about either. There are plenty of big fish being caught.

As mentioned in earlier reports the Goulburn River at Seymour is one of the most productive waterways in the region. The river level is fluctuating at the moment but can be safely fished from a boat. Exercise care when the river is low though, because there are many underwater nasties that can cause serious damage to your motor.

If you intend fishing this area there are also some very big redfin being taken and for this reason yabbies are proving to be the best bait for both species. On a recent brief trip to the Mitchellton Winery area I caught three Murray cod and three redfin, all on yabbies. The bardi grubs that I also put out were totally ignored. Lures can also work well in this area and at times take their fair share of fish. Spinnerbaits, bladed spinning lures such as Celtas and the good old Ondex, as well as diving minnows are worth trying.

The Goulburn River at Shepparton is also producing good results with anglers taking both cod and golden perch. In this area, trolling is the best method but requires quite a lot of patience as snagging is common. A good lure retriever might be worth its weight in gold here. If bait is your preference then you won’t have too many problems as worms, grubs, yabbies and cheese all seem to be taking their share of fish.

I have also been informed that this area has attracted a number of disreputable characters who are fishing with setlines. Many of these illegal setlines are hidden below the water making them hard to detect. If you come across any of these please do not hesitate to report them. The type of people who use these devices kill everything they catch. These offences can be reported by phoning 13FISH.

Lake Nillahcootie has been reasonable at best for redfin. If you are lucky enough to be there on the right day, some excellent redfin have been taken on both Baltic bobbers and trolled deep diving lures. You have to be prepared to work hard in this lake. The fish don’t always come easily, but when they do fire up you will not be in a hurry to go home.

Early summer has finally seen the golden perch and Murray cod come on at Eildon. Redfin have also come on the bite so it’s all happening here. For some reason, Eildon has been a little slower this year. Hopefully, now that they have started, they will keep on biting for some time to come.

The Goulburn Valley covers a large area and provides many fishing opportunities. If you have fishing experiences to report or require more information on the fishing in this area feel free to email me.

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