Mixed Fortunes
  |  First Published: December 2006

Central Victoria is currently experiencing a period of varied results after going through the second driest spring period on record. We have seen water levels continue to fall in our impoundments and most anglers have experienced tough conditions. On a positive note, it has been the reduced current flows inthe rivers systems, which has seen improved water clarity and increased productivity lurefishers.


Water levels continue to drop in the lake. The current water level is 2% and it is concerning to see the release of water continuing.

The fishing has started to slow dramatically and the number of anglers targeting the golden perch off the banks has decreased. Isolated numbers of golden perch are still being caught by baitfishers using worms and yabbies. Limited success has been had by anglers targeting golden perch with lures. Boat anglers who are targeting the endless amount of structure have had the most success. One advantage of the very low water levels is the amount of fallen timber that is ideal casting structure. When water levels are higher a lot of this timber becomes too deep to fish.

There are still good numbers of European carp being caught by anglers fishing with worms. These are providing good sport for junior anglers.

The number of redfin being caught continues to be very disappointing.


This season we have enjoyed water clarity of 2m at locations like Elmore and Rochester. The very clean water has led to ideal conditions for lurefishing. Anglers casting and retrieving spinnerbaits and lipless crankbaits have had the most success. Anglers trolling the weed beds with small hard body lures such as Codgers and no3 StumpJumpers have also reported success.

Land-based anglers at Barnadown have been producing good-sized golden perch with 1.5kg the average size. Murray cod up to 3kg have also been caught on lures in this area.

Phil Keetalaar recently fished Rochester and managed to land a couple of nice Murray cod and one quality golden perch and several redfin. The fish were caught casting spinnerbaits. Gold skirts are one of Phil’s favourite colour selections and they continue to produce results.


The fishing at Cairn Curran has been slow and only a limited number of reports have come in. Water levels continue to drop and the lake is currently at 4%. Redfin fishing has been spasmodic with the fish on one day and off the next. One bonus for anglers fishing this location is the real chance of landing a quality golden while targeting the redfin. Golden perch to 4kg have been caught by both bait and lurefishers. Anglers have reported the most success when fishing between 4-6m.


The fishing in the Loddon River has been very good lately. Water clarity remains good with clarity to 3m in the ski zone. Anglers fishing in low light conditions have had the most success.

The river has been productive until 10am and fishing during the middle of the day has been tough. The fish have started to actively feed again late in the afternoons.

Bradley Sissins from Daiwa and I recently filmed a segment with Offshore Productions at the Loddon River. We managed to land a total of 24 fish for 1.5 days filming. We managed to land nine Murray cod from 55-70cm and three golden perch from 38-42cm. We also landed 11 redfin from 500g-1kg. Bradley also managed to land a European carp on a lure while filming this segment. The fish were caught on a range of lures, spinnerbaits, lipless crankbaits and hard bodies. This will be available on The Fishing DVD number seven which will be on sale in April.

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