Trout Continue to Fire
  |  First Published: December 2006

The start of a new year is a fantastic time to fish; the mad rush of Christmas is over and we can all finally relax, get into holiday mode and make the most of our local fishing spots.

Trout anglers have been doing tough in the area lately. The water levels have been low and dense moss on the rocks has made for unfavourable trout fishing conditions. If you find yourself in these surroundings, move on to a new location, preferably one with deep pools undercut banks, heavily timbered with lots of shade. This may require you to walk along the bank for several kilometres but the rewards will be waiting there for you.

For best results, your presentation will need to be spot on from the start – either a lure or fly – as the fish guard this pristine location with vigour.

For those who aren’t so keen on hunting down trout, Macquarie perch, cod, redfin and eels should be easier catches. These species prefer warmer conditions and are tolerant to lower oxidated water flows. There have been reports of various successful presentations including bladed Live Vibe lures spiked with a 2” Motterley Gulp Shrimp plastic. This technique should land you a good number of Macquarie perch from around the Wonga Park to Warrandyte and Yarra region.

Other reports of Macquarie perch being taken have come from the area around Templestowe, with anglers succeeding on running sinker rigs and scrubworms. To make the most of this rig use a 8-20” leader attached to a size 4-8 Baitholder style hook. An open bail method is required with these fish, using a small piece of tin foil to secure the line. Perch will take the bait and spit it out, so don’t retrieve your line, allow it to go slack and wait for the fish to attack again before hooking them up with a swift strike. Perch spook easily so only those who are patient will hook up,

Lilydale Lake has been firing up with carp, with some anglers taking 6lb catches near the reed section closest to the boat ramp. Scrubworms on a size 6-10 Baitholder hooks suspended off the bottom was a successful technique, with sherbet flavoured PowerBait on an ultra light gauged treble hook. Another option to try is mudeyes under a bubble float with a floating line. The traditional way of getting your mono line to float is using a dressing of mucilin, but if you’re unsure, pop into the store and we’ll run you through the process.

The kids have been targeting Ringwood Lake recently in the late afternoon, bagging a few eels on scrubworms. Prawn stimulate berley seems to be working a treat also.

Had some success? Send me the details via email at --e-mail address hidden-- And include the angler, species, where caught (you don’t need to give me all your secrets) and what bait, lure or flies you used.

For up to date Yarra Valley fishing information contact the boys at Compleat Angler in Ringwood on (03) 9870 7792 or better still drop in at 92 Maroondah Hwy – we’re open 7 days a week with plenty of top quality fresh bait and a great selection of freshwater gear.

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