New Year Yellas
  |  First Published: December 2006

Four weeks can make a big difference to the fishing prospects in any area, and January has certainly brought some positive changes.

I say this especially in relation to the much-awaited arrival of the yellowbelly in Lake Eildon. A few weeks ago these fish could hardly be seen, perhaps due to low water levels and the lack of rain, but it doesn’t matter now because they’re active and biting hard! Yellas between 1.5-4.5kg make up most catches and can be caught right throughout the lake with lures down to about 4m. Purple and green are the best colour options.

Trout are still about and can be taken on the same lures. Redfin are also starting to become more active and will take to both lures and bait.

With the Murray cod season now open, cod will also be taken in good numbers. Too many anglers come away from Eildon believing that Murray cod in the lake is a myth; the trick is to target them properly. Large lures such as StumpJumpers, Boomerangs, Oar-Gees and Codgers are all favourites

The Goulburn River has continued to produce good numbers of trout and redfin, and the odd Murray cod, and Lake Mokoan is also firing up with plentiful numbers of yellas and Murray cod.

Waranga Basin is continuing to fish well for redfin but the fish are smaller than they were a few months ago. Instead of the 2kg specimens we were catching last month, 500g fish are now the biggest. Hopefully this trend will change and the big ones will return soon.

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