Pleasure Boating Gets you on the water
  |  First Published: December 2007

I’ve sat around on more than one occasion and dreamt of getting out into the wide blue and getting stuck into some serious fish. But, like a lot of people, I don’t own a big enough boat and probably never will.

However, there is a great solution to the nagging problem of having to own a $100,000 boat, motor and trailer set up (plus the car to tow it and the insurance every year and everything else!). And that solution is to become part of the Pleasure Boating scene.

Pleasure Boating is a small company set up by Keith Miller to help get inexperienced boaters and fishers out on the water at minimal expense. It’s a simple concept that immediately struck me as something worthwhile and a genuinely good idea.

The basic concept of Pleasure Boating is to provide you with a fully serviced, cleaned and delivered offshore and bay boat to get you on the water. It’s a little like timeshare, but with none of the downsides of being locked into certain days of the year, because as we all know the weather can and does wreck even the best laid plans.

Instead of getting a set quota of days on the water, Pleasure Boating gives you credits. These credits are cashed in every time you use the boat. For example, a weekday use of the boat will cost you 1000 credits, a weekend day 1500 and a public holiday 2000. Every partner in the boat gets 20,000 credits per year and you can use them when you want, so long as the boat is not already booked. Pleasure Boating also limits the amount of members so there is nearly three months of free days available so you can get the boat when you want it.

What makes this different from other share boat arrangements is that you get a wealth of bonus extras. These start with on-water tuition on how to use the rig. Keith will happily guide you through the basics of operating the boat and the electronics and even give you some valuable anchoring tips to make sure your stay on the water is safe. But, and this is something you’ll struggle to find anywhere else, if you want to hit the water early, say at 4.30am, Keith will meet you at the ramp, with a guaranteed smile. He believes that servicing your clients needs is the most important part of business.

Add to this the fact Keith is very free with information like where to go when the wind gets up, where to fish (in fact there is a GPS on board with all Keith’s marks in it already!) and even on-water fishing tuition if you think you need just a little extra help to get started. An example of this was a new member who was keen to start offshore fishing followed some advice and used one of the marks near Shallow Tempest and bagged out on snapper with a personal best fish of 8.9kg on his first trip. That sort of information would take you years to learn yourself.

So what happens when you get back to the ramp?

It’s service again with Keith meeting you at the ramp, loading the boat on the trailer (if you don’t feel comfortable doing that) and cleaning and servicing the rig for the next client. Yep that’s right, you don’t even have to clean the boat down or wash out the engine. All you have to do is clean your own fish, jump in your car and get home.

Now that is a sensational idea for my mind and I really think it would be well worth the money and time to look more seriously into becoming a member of Pleasure Boating.

Let’s do a quick overview of what you get and how much it costs.

For one share you’ll pay $5500 a year for the self tow package and $6600 for the full launch and retrieve service. This gets you 20,000 boating credits that can be used whenever you want. You get the boat dropped off, picked up and cleaned. You get GPS marks, tuition, weather tips and early starts and finishes. You can even go shares with a mate in a membership! And after all who goes fishing and boating by themselves.

Additionally, joining Pleasure Boating will mean you do not need to have a large 4WD to tow your boat, you do not need to pay insurance, you do not need to fork out over $100,000+ for a similar boat, you do not need to spend years finding your own fishing marks and you do not need to have a massive yard to store your 7-8m rig!

If this interests you, then give Keith at Pleasure Boating a call on 0400 383 012. It’s an easy and cost effective way to get into offshore and bay boating, and who knows, you may love it so much after a year you go out and buy your own rig! Anything’s possible with Pleasure Boating.

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