Out along the Coast
  |  First Published: December 2007

Some days in December are too hot and not made for fishing up breezeless creeks. However, you can either sit at home in the air conditioning or jump in the boat and head for the coast.

The best option for those still, early summer mornings are to cruise out through the mouth of any estuary you’ve launched into and get amongst it. Chasing fingermark, GTs, queenfish, coral trout, mackerel and whatever else is swimming about is much more fun than staring at the idiot box.

One of life’s many pleasures is cruising out to a fishing spot under an endless sky on a glassed-out surface. Every movement of every fish and marine creature can be seen on the surface for kilometres: massive shoals of little herring rippling over each other; a dolphin emerging crescent like from the water; big Spaniards torpedoing their length and girth 8ft out of the water; and, frigate birds diving down to get stuck into the baitfish chaos.

Casting soft plastic lures over the shallow reefs brings small trout, tuskfish, stripies, golden trevally, queenfish and fingermark. And, of course, the obligatory variations on the cod theme. Changing direction to troll shallow running lures over the reef edge will also draw the attention of coral trout.

Getting shiny 3m and 4m+ diving lures and trolling them round in about 12-20ft is a sure fire way to get hooked up. If you hit a decent catch, drag it out from the reef as big GTs and mackerel can make you sorry for using light threadline outfits and monofilament trace.

All in all, you never come back without a few fish in the esky and a few tales to tell. In December, there is no other choice than to keep your-self well hydrated. Water and plenty of it is a must. Always be ready to react to bad weather, carry a raincoat and a trusty hat.

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