Rain Rain Go Away Let the Fish Come out and Play
  |  First Published: April 2008

One word comes to mind when talking about February in Weipa and that word is rain.

February saw one of the wettest months on record in Weipa with excess of 1000mm falling. March has seen the rain ease a little but there is hardly a day gone by without some rain falling.

Most of the rain has blown in on fresh northwesterly winds so the offshore fishing has almost been non-existent with most fishing, if not all fishing, confined to the rivers.

Those who braved the conditions, or managed to jag a rainless afternoon or morning, did find fish but not without doing a bit of work.

Fishing in April, like March, will be dependant on the weather. Land-based fishing for all species will still be the most productive. And it has the added bonus that if the rain comes you can pack up quickly, jump in the car and head for home without a worry.

If we can string together a week of nice April weather I am tipping the fishing will go off, so have those boats ready and fuelled. A good idea after a big spell of rain is to check and drain fuel filters, lines and even tanks where possible. The tropics during the wet has a way of getting water into fuel like nowhere else. It only takes half an hour to do a quick check and can certainly save some hassles out on the water.

April will be a great month to use as an indicator for what the rest of the year has in store. Some initial prospecting is a good idea as channels and river mouths will have changed. There will be some old snags gone but there will be new ones to find.

Offshore will depend a lot on the southeast trade winds and when they decide to spring up. These offshore winds help to clear the water along the coastline. This, coinciding with the finish of the wet, can create mass feeding frenzies on the helpless bait schools that have been washed out in prior months.

Birds are the best indicator for this type of action, however, most of the major river mouths and reefs along the coast will see this action if there is some tidal movement and good coloured water is present. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

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