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  |  First Published: October 2007

Octobers sees the water temperature rise a little and a strong north to south current starting to be a problem out wide, but in saying that it is still a great month to fish offshore with plenty of good options. The last couple of years has seen good numbers of squire and snapper caught right up to late November and early December and I can’t see this year being any different. At present there has been plenty of good catches reported from locations such as 29 and 33 fathom reefs, Deep Tempest and also wide off Caloundra.

The next couple of months sees things hot up for the jig angler east of the south passage bar. Amberjacks, samson fish and yellowtail kingfish are schooling up at most of the well known locations. Finding baitfish around good structure is the key to success when chasing these species and chasing them on jigs is a better option if the current is up. I also live-bait for amberjacks on the wider grounds this time of the year when the currents not too strong and you can get a nice steady draft over your target area. When both jigging and live-baiting I use a minimum of 50 pounds braid and several meters of 80-120 pound leader depending on the size of the fish I’m targeting. I also use jigs of 300-400g on most occasions, but on days without too much current around you can drop down too jigs around 200g.

The last couple of years saw good numbers of small wahoo in the 6-10kg range turn up during October and November and on some days they were almost in plague numbers. This month we caught a few fish in the Point Lookout area but better numbers were caught in the Hutchies, Flinders Reef area north of the cape and also up on the higher structures of the Barwon Banks.

Skirted and bibless lures accounted for the most fish caught but we also caught quite a number of wahoo that just turned up around the boat on live bait – we simply just dropped a live bait straight down their throats. Talk about sight fishing! It pays to be prepared and if you’ve got a spare rod have it rigged with wire, just in case.

I have just got back to work after having more than a month off after an old sports injury flared up. It was a pain being off for so long but its certainly recharged my batteries and I have just done five charters in early September and the fishing has been great. The first trip back was an afternoon run to Caloundra on the day after the full moon in August. We started fishing around 1pm and on our second drift over a bump in 60m all five rods buckled and we boated three snapper all around 6kg. On the next drift we pulled another good snapper but then the school spooked and moved off. The rest of the afternoon we picked up a few squire, pearlies and parrot then on dusk the fish turned it on and we boated some nice squire and four more snapper in the 5-7kg range.

The next few trips we fished east of the south passage bar and again the fishing was good, with school-sized amberjacks and kings hitting jigs on the 35 and 42 fathom reefs and good squire to 4kg from the 29, 33 and 42 fathom reefs.

On a different note, I have been fortunate to attend a couple of meeting with the E.P.A and although it looks like there will be numerous areas closed to fishing, hopefully they listened to our proposals and put these closed areas where they will inconvenience anglers the least.

Enjoy your fishing, take care on the coastal bars and if you’d like to join me on a charter (maximum four people) give me a call on: 0418 738 750 or 822 9527

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