Rain Replenishes Rainbow Beach
  |  First Published: October 2007

We have had a very interesting month here in Rainbow Beach with a record rainfall of 731mm in 24 hours. In the three day rain period, rainfall must have reached one metre which certainly stirred the fishing up into top gear.


Prior to that outstanding rainfall the offshore fishing was a little hot and cold. I had a couple of trips in a row where we managed to get ourselves a reasonable feed, although it was a little lean for this time of year. But the downpour certainly turned things around!

I did four fishing trips in a row and each one we bagged out and were home early. On one particular outing, I did four drifts over one patch and we were full – snapper, pearl perch and plenty of cobia were on the boil.

The close reefs are also fishing well, producing quality squire, sweetlip and pearl perch. Patience is the key to success here.

You need to give a fishing spot a good hour before giving up and moving onto the next. This certainly paid off on a trip I did with some good regular clients. After an hour at one spot I was preparing to leave. I had just started the engine when one of my crew landed a nice squire and in quick succession another two or three were brought onboard. Then, someone must have turned on the tap as the knobbies came aboard. I was just able to keep up with the gaff.


The straits are still particularly dirty with all of the fresh water run-off from the big rains. The fishing is really good with big catches of bream, whiting and flathead being caught from Kauri Creek to the bottom end of Fraser Island.

Mud crabs have been flushed out of their holes and are being potted around Carlo Creek. On the subject of crabbing, there are some people still setting their pots in the main boating channels. Not only is this a second rate spot to catch crabs, it poses a navigational hazard to all boaties. I have run over a couple that had clear plastic cordial bottles as floats. In the early morning they are very hard to see and can cause major damage to an engine’s gear box and drive shaft.


It is a great time of year for beach fishing. Good size tailor are being caught at the Oaks at Inskip Point in the late afternoon. There are also some effective drains forming where you can pick up a good feed of summer whiting. Back towards Rainbow Beach quality dart and bream are on the bite in the deeper gutters.

In past years October has been one of my picks for red emperor fishing. The way things are shaping up I think we will in for a treat.

Ed Falconer, Keely Rose Fishing Charters, Ph 0407 146 151.

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