McLean Masters Moorgerah
  |  First Published: September 2007

Lake Moogerah anglers were greeted with glassed-out conditions and a hot Brisbane Show bite. A total of 52 bass were presented to the weigh-master from a field of 34 anglers. The glassy conditions lasted for most of the morning before Moogerah ‘The Place of Storms’ lived up to its name, serving the fishermen a cold southwesterly front.

In first place was Lismore resident Steve McLean who was a first-time angler on the lake and weighed-in an impressive 3.80kg, including the Big Bass fish of 2.35kg. Steve was the first angler to weigh-in at 10:00am, opting for a cup of hot soup out of the stiff wind.

McLean found his two fish limit in 10ft water close to a drop-off near The Hill. He used a cut down 1/4oz 3" smoke yellow core Slider Grub. His fish hit and loaded on drop and he managed to boat six fish in his short session.

Second place for 2.930kg went to Bass Electric regular Johnathon Ward. Jonno caught his limit using two different techniques with the same 3" Slider Grub rigged on a 1/4oz jig head. His first technique involved rolling his Slider across a 15ft flat that lead into the original creek bed. Ward stated 'The fish were tapping the lure continuously throughout the retrieve, I found that by dropping the bait back to fish they loaded up!”.

Ward's other technique was to stall his slider on vertical presentation close to the bottom. He would feel a solid hit and then wait allowing him to set the hook.

Third place went to Martin Wollens weighing-in a close 2.920kg limit. Fishing away from the crowd near the fence line, Marty used several baits throughout the day to catch his limit. His most consistent result coming from a 10gm Jackall Brothers TN50 in HL black.

Roy Souter had 2.835kg and came in fourth place followed by an extremely close fifth place Simon Barkhuzien who weighed-in 2.830kg. Both anglers had excellent days upgrading continuously.

Roy fished a 1/2oz rigged Ecogear, Power Worm and Power Shad hard on the bottom to achieve his healthy limit. In contrast, Simon collated his catch from 3ft of water rolling a 65mm Squidgy Slick Rig in a shallow bay.

As host of the tournament it was really satisfying to see all the guys have a great time in a Tournament to remember. I'd like to thank my better half Nicci for her help and neat handwriting on the day. – Chris Galligan

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