Isisford Big Success
  |  First Published: September 2007

Where else would you have a fishing competition combined with, of all things, a wool bale rolling contest and a horseshoe-throwing event?

Nowhere…that is unless you found yourself in the outback of Australia. And that's exactly what took place at Isisford during the town's annual fishing competition held in July.

Located 127km southwest of Longreach, the usual sleepy little 120 population-strong town took on more of a carnival atmosphere when 650 visitors transformed the village into a mini metropolis.

For many, enjoying a weekend of fishing and taking part in the local entertainment was as far away as they could get from the reality of protestors throwing eggs at Queensland's Premier Mr Beattie just a short drive down the road at Barcaldine. Caravans, tents and 4WDs made up the majority of the accommodation for the competitors, while some of the more hardy simply unrolled their swags.

The special event for the competitors and revellers was the attendance of Scott Hillier and the television team of Creek to Coast. Although many of the bushies would know the ins-and-outs of camp-oven cooking, it failed to detract from the massive audiences interested in camp-oven guru Thommo as he embellished on his style of outdoor cooking techniques.

The competition site was on the banks of the Oma Waterhole, which is part of the much revered Barcoo River. The currawongs and crows early dawn arguments over food scraps was the signal for the very keen (and not so hung-over) to set their fishing lines. After all there was more than $6000 in prize money and trophies to be won.

Organisers had decided to make the event fair for all and boats were banned on the waterhole during the weekend. Even though many would-be anglers had arrived with their own bait, others were seen foraging under logs for the elusive witchetty grub or spotted desperately trying to out-wit grasshoppers along the river bank.

An elated event co-organiser, Sally Edwards said the weekend had been a resounding success. The attendance was the largest in the competition's seven-year history and the town's community organisations would benefit greatly from the funds raised.

For now, Isisford has reverted back to its original self ­ a peaceful, sleepy town where wool, beef prices and drought make up the conversation, and of course this year, amalgamation.

Adult Longest Yellowbelly 1stLou Turlan 52.5cm
Adult Longest Yellowbelly 2ndMick Pengilly 51.3cm
Adult Longest Black Bream 1stNo Winner
Adult Longest Catfish 1stSandra Miller 40.5cm
Junior Longest Yellowbelly 1stJessica Avery 51.0cm
Junior Longest Yellowbelly 2ndJordan Richardson 49.6cm
Junior Longest Black Bream 1stNo Winner
Junior- Longest Catfish 1stMichael Ryan 38.1cm
Junior Major DrawArchie Lines
Longest Yellowbelly Caught By A LocalJessica Avery 51.0cm
Longest Yb Caught By A Local 2ndJohn Avery 49.5cm
Longest Yb Caught By A Local 3rdJohn Avery 49.5cm
Mystery Length YellowbellyNorma Gregory 47.4cm
Wool Bale Rolling Men 1stBrad Edwards
Wool Bale Rolling Men 2ndScott Tucker
Ladies Horseshoe ThrowingDot Hey
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