Cracker Winter at Weipa
  |  First Published: August 2007

What a cracker of a winter we have had so far and it doesn't look like it’s going to let up for a while yet.

As expected the cool weather has slowed the estuary fishing up somewhat with water temperatures plummeting up to 5C in just a few nights. Early morning runs up the rivers in Weipa have had even the most seasoned Southerners commenting on the low temperatures. By mid morning however it’s back to those nice warm days you get in the tropics during winter.

Offshore Mayhem

The fishing offshore has been nothing short of brilliant in the past month, however trips out have been limited due to a very persistent southerly swell which has made many days near on impossible to fish for Weipa’s pelagic population. On the better days mackerel have been showing up in good numbers on the wider reefs where the water is cleaner and should move in closer if the swell drops and the water clears, good catches of reef fish mainly consisting of fingermark and grunter have been made by those who have braved the conditions or managed to tie in some good weather with a day off.

Consistent But Cool Rivers

The rivers have been the main focus of charters recently and the rivers have been fishing consistently throughout the winter so far. Good catches of all the usual estuary species are still being made by clients with live baits being hard to beat. Barra have still been responding to a well presented lure, however the average size will usually be smaller over the winter period.

A recent day off saw Weipa local Lyall Davis and I land 25 barra over a morning in the Mission River. Most of the fish were only rats (40-60cm) but it was a great way to fill in a cool July morning.

It will be interesting to see what August will bring in regards to both weather and fishing as the two more often than not go hand in hand. If the weather permits the offshore action, particularly mackerel (Spanish and grey), will continue into the month. A week of nice weather should work wonders on the inshore fishing too as it has seen next to no fishing pressure in the last six weeks.

The barra can still be caught if you don't mind doing a bit of moving around to find where they are biting. This will be the general rule with most of the river fishing throughout August. But get it right and there is no shortage of fish to be caught around Weipa in winter.

We still have occasional places for groups of 6-9 anglers later in the year, so log onto www.weipafishing.com or give me a call on (07) 4069 9064 or drop me an email on --e-mail address hidden-- to find out if we can get you into some of the best fishing action going.

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