Sitting Pretty with Camping Chairs
  |  First Published: August 2007

Camping chairs are items we just cannot be without – and today there’s a lot of choice. To review all the camp chairs in a camping outlet would be a massive task, so in order to look at a cross-section of suitable chairs I recently borrowed a few examples from my local Great Escape Camping Co outlet.

Basically, there are two main styles. Those that fold inwards into a slim parcel to slip into a carry bag for transportation and those that simply fold flat for storage or to take elsewhere. Portability is the asset in this style of chair.


This unit folds into a carry bag with a strap for transportation and has, of all things, a drink cooler in the right armrest. There's a slim plastic lined bag which one could fill with ice and coldies to help pass the time. Ah yes – and there's a mesh drink holder in the other armrest. With full padding and a steel frame this is a deluxe chair with soft material that will stretch nice and tight when someone sits in it. The chair weighs 4kg but has a 102kg weight capacity. Practical and suitable for either resting in or at the camp table is how I'd describe this one.


This is a soft fabric offering from Outdoor – another leading manufacturer – and it comes with a unique lumbar support strap across the lower back area that can be tightened via a buckle each side to provide a degree of lumbar support. My own back is certainly showing signs of wear and tear these days and I found this support very useful. The chair is made from a lightweight but very durable webbing material and is quite suited to a host of camping situations. Even without the lumbar support, it's a very comfy chair in it's own right. It weighs 4.5kg with up to 100 kg capacity After use it slips into it’s own carry bag to make a slim parcel.


The next one is one of the ever popular folding chairs in the Outdoor range and might be described as a budget model. This needn’t mean its skimps on comfort as it features soft padded material and a nice high back rest. There are no special features or gimmicks, it’s just an inexpensive chair that does well and should last the mile. One can really relax in this very wide chair. It would be ideal for dining or to relax in with the latest issue of Queensland Fishing Monthly to browse through. Up top there are nicely rounded armrests while rigid cross bracing provides ample security below. It weighs around 6.4 kg and slips into a carry bag when folded up.


This chair is for the XOS camper who needs some serious room plus serious structural strength under the backside. With it's rigid 23mm steel frame and extra heavy duty fabric it is certainly well up to the task of looking after the big blokes and looks like it's built to last. It's also well padded and has nicely shaped armrests to make the user feel really comfortable. When not required for use the chair folds down by hinging the tall back rest forward to form a flat parcel. It weighs 6.4 kg.


This chair is really for relaxation given it's laid back profile and really cool mesh fabric back rest that will allow the breeze to cool down a tired fisho on a hot day. The well padded arms lock into the frame at the rear via a slot and pin arrangement that, once set up, keeps the chair extremely rigidly braced. The leg support is ideal in that it's pretty generous plus there's a very neat headrest as well. The Como chair will fulfil a variety of uses but one look at it confirms that it would be great to simply relax in while enjoying the campsite. It's designed for up to 113kg weight and weighs 4.9kg. The Como chair folds down flat into a slim parcel for easy storage or transportation.


This is a rigid although well-padded chair that might be as much value at the camping table as it would for an occupant to just relax in. Soft padding on the backrest and main seat plus a high degree of tensile strength are all features of this chair. While not featuring a really high back it still performs well in the comfort stakes just the same. Strong arm rests combine with extra heavy-duty hinges and a feeling of solidness. The high build quality is reflected in the 5.2kg weight. It's rated for persons up to 110kg. Again, this chair folds flat for storage or to slip into the vehicle.

So which of these chairs is best? I simply can't say as they all suit individual needs. My advice is to take a look and personally decide which one is best for the camping your setup.

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