Bundy Rum Qld BREAM Open
  |  First Published: May 2007

The Bundaberg Rum cheque for $10,000 was up for grabs at the Brisbane Tinnie and Tackle Show and 13 teams did their best to win it.

Team Seastorm Boats/Atomic set the pace on Day 1 with a massive 5/5, 4.22kg bag. Aaron Sharp and Robert March fished Green Island and St Helena jetty using plastics and hard bodies.

March used long casts and an Atomic Prong plastic rigged on a Gamakatsu worm hook. He then imitated a prawn with a walk, stop and quick surface skip retrieval technique.

Sharp chose to throw 45mm Bassday Bubble Cranks.

“This semi-topwater lure swims 4-5 inches under the surface. Using a stop-start retrieve I created a small bubble trail behind the lure, enticing the bream,” he said.

On the large high tide, the team looked for weed and coral areas that bream would be keen to explore and feed. After 10 upgrades, it was March’s last 1.03kg bream that cemented their rare 4kg+ bag.

Hot on their heels were Team Bush n Beach/Suncorp/4BC with 5/5, 3.35kg. Travelling to the northern Jumpinpin islands, Chris Britton and Anthony Wishey looked for mangrove edges in 3-6ft of water that had fast draining banks.

“With the large tides, we looked for areas that the fish could quickly get up and feed on before retreating,” Britton explained.

“A lot of these banks we used to bait fish at night,” Wishey said.

Using the larger Ecogear SX48s in colours 301, 305 and 307 to punch into the wind, the boys found that unless they hit the bottom the fish weren’t interested.

Their 1.04kg bream took out the $1000 big bream prize. It ate an SX48 in colour 305 falling to a start-stop retrieve.

The team continued their form over the final two days, to eventually take the win by over a kilo.

Britton used an E-Grell S2 rod and Shimano Sustain 1000 for soft plastics, and an E-Grell S4 rod matched to a Shimano Stradic 1000 reel for hard bodies. Spooling these with 4lb Berkley Fireline, he used 4lb Sunline fluorocarbon for the lighter plastic presentation and 6lb Yamatoyo for his hard-bodied lures.

Wishey used several rods including a Daiwa Procaster Z, E-Grell S1 and a Pflueger Supreme all matched to Shimano Stradic 1000 reels. He also chose to spool these with Berkley 4lb Fireline and 2lb Sunline fluorocarbon for his plastic presentations.

On Day 2, the team headed back to the Jumpinpin islands. Collecting their bag early, they made the trip back to Columbus Drive, Hollywell canals to upgrade with 29cm and 33cm fish to add to their final Day 2 bag of 5/5, 2.46kg. These fish took Berkley 2” Shrimp in new penny rigged in TT hidden weights and were lured out from behind pontoons and the small gaps between moored boats.

With a small lead on the final day and heading out first from the Paradise Point start, the guys only decided to head to Biggera Creek 10 minutes before the start. Forty minutes later and with their fifth fish in the livewell, the team’s choice was validated.

Using a topwater hard body and soft plastic approach the guys found the harder the wind blew the better the bite, catching approximately 35 legal fish for the day and upgrading 15 times.

Britton skipped his 2” Berkley Shrimp (molting and natural colours) hard into the structure of the pontoons while Wishey concentrated on the walls and edges.

The team then returned to the RNA Showgrounds where officials Adam Royter and Bill Corten weighed in their fish. Needing just 1.39kg to win and bank the $10,000, the 5/5, 2.46kg was more than enough. – ABT

PlaceTeamAngler 1Angler 2TFTW Payout
1Bush n Beach/Suncorp/4BCC BrittonA Wishey158.42$10,000 + $1000 Big Bream
2Seastorm Boats/AtomicA SharpR March147.34
3BerkleyN WebsterT Short157.29
4Smith LtdK WilliamsR Walmsley157.27
5QFMS MorganS Towner156.56
6TT LuresD Borg D Griffith156.5
7Evinrude ETC HOM ConnollyS Kanowski156.47
8BJS/MossopsP HerbstA Hatsipetpou146.18
9EcogearG DunneW Friebe156
10Integrated Group Team 2N SewellC Ball145.5
11StesscoC SimmonsP Leggett135.41
12Integrated Group Team 1T ManderR Kwiatkowski124.61
13Paige StainlessN MeredithB Campbell124.58
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