Quality fish everywhere
  |  First Published: May 2007

Over the last few months the bays and local reefs around Hervey Bay have produced quality fish in numbers not seen for many years.

Scarlet sea perch to 90cm have been caught in many locations throughout the Sandy Straits and Moon Ledge has produced cod, blackall and some coral trout. The Arty has also provided its fair share of the action with coral trout, snapper and coral bream all taking baits. This year has been a corker for bluey parrot with many fish topping 10kg and some approaching 20kg.

Rooneys/Coral Patch

These areas have been fishing well for coral trout, snapper, scarlets, coralies and a few red emperor. This should continue for the next few months.

Yellowtail kings also inhabit our reef systems during the cooler months and many have been caught and lost off Rooneys. Set your live baits mid-water to tempt big kingies and other species will not be able to resist. If you find the bait keeps swimming back to the boat, just trim the bait’s tail fin until it stays where you want it.

Tuna Challenge

The Tuna Challenge was held on 17-18 March in favourable conditions but competitors struggled to find the fish. The few tuna that surfaced were often too quick for anglers to get a cast in. A special mention goes to John Meiers who broke his back during last year’s competition and spent months recovering in hospital. John can’t throw flies anymore so he competed in and won this year’s spin section.

Thanks to John and all the other anglers who took the time to fish the challenge.

If you know of any local fishing competitions or photos to share please email me the details (with plenty of notice) at --e-mail address hidden--


Champion Team SpinJohn and Shaun Meiers, Team Triumph
Champion Team FlySquiz Taylor and Snow Bernard, Team Katana
Champion Angler SpinJohn Meiers
Champion Angler FlySnow Bernard
Champion Junior AnglerShaun Meiers
Champion Female AnglerDiana Campbell
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