Megabass at Borumba
  |  First Published: May 2007

The inaugural Megabass Borumba Major BASS event provided lunch, tackle, heaps of giveaways and some great fishing.

Fishing out of the AFC Stratos for the weekend was Carl Jocumsen. Carl weighed in a total of 6/6 for 5.95kg and scored the $5000 cheque.

Taking second place was Mark Pertot of Davo’s Bait n Tackle, Noosa with 5/6, 5.81kg. Rounding out the top five were Chris Galligan (third, 6/6, 5.25kg), Craig Simmons (fourth, 5/6, 4.98kg) and Peter Keidge (fifth, 6/6, 4.93kg).

Carl fished with a Millerod Blademaster Lite Spiral Wrap rod and a Shimano Magnesium Chronarch, spooled with 10lb Stren braid and 16lb Yamatoyo fluorocarbon.

Heading down the left arm of the dam, Carl cast his Jackall TN60 FT in noikgill towards the timber in 2ft of water and caught all of his fish.

“I would hold the rod up high and slow roll the Jackall out of the timber edges,” he explained.

When asked about the chance of winning a BASS events biggest ever cheque, Carl replied, “it’s probably the most nervous I’ve been, but I calmed myself down and was happy catching my two bass”.

Hot on Carl’s heels was Mark Pertot using a G.Loomis BCR802 GLX rod, Shimano Magnesium Chronarch, 20pd Sunline PE Castaway braid and 16lb Sunline fluorocarbon.

Fishing a bay with steep rocky points, Pertot found four of his five fish.

“I was throwing a black TN60 Jackall and slow rolling the edges,” Pertot said.

“The first session the bass were taking it close to the surface, on Sunday however, the bites were about 10ft down,” he said.

These bass were holding on sunken timber and taking the lure as it was slow rolled past.

Winning non-boater for the weekend was Ross Paulger with 5/6, 4.84kg. Using an Angler Stealth DCX rod matched to a Shimano Curado spooled with 15lb Tuff line and 17lb Berkley Vanish. Using a HL Gold Jackall to catch his five bass, Paulger would cast to trees, let the lure sink to the bottom and then use a slow roll retrieve.

The Daiwa Big Bass was a 1.69kg specimen caught by Tim Moss on a black Megabass Vibration X that he received on the Friday night briefing. The capture also took out the largest fish on a Megabass lure and a Megabass Destroyer baitcaster rod.

Tim worked this lure close to the bottom and hopped it over the weed before playing out his prize winning fish.

The biggest overall bag on a Megabass lure was taken out by Danny Robinson in the first session with 2/2, 1.79kg. Acquiring his fish also with Vibration X lures, Robinson won a Megabass Hedgehog spin rod and lure pack.

Making the trip from Japan to fish the event were Megabass anglers Masaki Takahashi and Akiom Inzuka. Finding the bass fishing tough, the guys were exciting by hooking up to some of Borumba’s infamous saratoga.

The next event in the BASS calendar sees us at St Clair (levels permitting), stay tuned to www.australianbass.com.au for further details. – ABT

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