A Few Beers with Tim the Bream
  |  First Published: May 2007

Tim ‘The Bream’ Morgan is regarding by many as the country’s most successful tournament angler and one of the most giving of all tournament fishers.

He embodies the ‘Who Shares Wins’ motto of the ABT circuit and freely gives his time and advice to anyone who has a question. We thought we’d catch up with Tim over a Fishrock Breweries’ Red Emperor Ale and find out a bit more about him.

1. Name, age, partner and where’s home?

Timothy David Morgan, 31, married to Arianna and I live in Rochedale South in Queensland.

2. Your first fish?

I clearly remember my first fish. It was a bream caught at Bowen while fishing with my grandad. We found some line on the beach with a hook attached and Grandad popped some oyster flesh on the hook and I chucked it into a rock pool and caught a bream about 8cm long. After the obligatory 50 laps of the beach showing my catch off, Grandad named me Tim The Bream. The name got lost for a few years until the BREAM circuit started up and my family let everyone know Grandad’s name for me. It’s one of my favourite memories.

3. Who are your sponsors?

Humminbrid and Minn Kota through Bob Littler Agencies, Millerods, Shimano, Frogley Offshore (Megabass, Atomic, Bassday), Berkley (Fireline, Berkley soft plastics) and TT Lures (jigheads). All of these companies have been sensational with their support and they all supply sensational product.

4. How many days a year do you fish?

I fish whenever I can so perhaps 100 days (including tournaments and AFC).

5. Your favourite social fishing moment?

We were offshore fishing from the Eclipse mothership at Weipa. We tracked down some big manta rays and were throwing Raider slices to the manta rays and hooking cobia from right under their wing tips. I got one about 20lb on my bass baitcasting gear and as Dad tried to net it, the fish smashed through the netting and I had to re-fight the fish with the line running through the net. I landed the fish in amongst some hysterical laughter and serious bagging of Dad. Awesome fun.

6. Your favourite tournament fishing destination?

Breaming at Forster is hard to beat. I won the BREAM Grand Final there a few years ago and I just love how tough the fish are in amongst the oyster racks. It’s hard to define but it’s just one of those places I feel confident at when breaming.

7. What do you attribute your recent BASS Pro success to?

I reckon fishing with Carl Jocumsen the week before the 2006 BASS Pro Grand Final at the Megabucks event was a big factor. We had a ball fishing together in one of the toughest bites on bass I’ve fished. Fishing with Carl relaxed me and allowed me to have fun, which is the whole reason for fishing. At the Grand Final I was in a bit of strife and Carl pointed out some fish to me and we fished them together from different boats. I got the fish I needed to win the event and I reckon Carl played a big role in the win. I promise I won’t be thinking about you while I’m in the States fishing for bass either Carl.

8. Your favourite lures?

Atomic 2” Fat Grub brown crawdad, Berkley 3” Drop Shot Minnow pearl watermelon, Berkley 3” Gulp! Minnow pumpkinseed and Atomic Prong in soft plastics for bream. Megabass Smolt and Bassday in hard bodies for bream. Atomic 2.5” paddletail green pumpkinseed or pearl colour in soft plastics for bass. Jackall TN60 and silent Megabass in hard bodies for bass.

9. What would you say to someone wanting to start tournament fishing?

Just do it. If you’re into lure casting there is no better way to improve your skills quickly than to fish the ABT circuit. Start as a non-boater and learn from the boaters who will be very helpful and quickly get you up to speed on the latest tactics, techniques and lures.

10. Where is tournament fishing heading?

I think the profile of tournament fishing will increase as AFC gets bigger and better. It’s a great tournament to be involved in and I hope I get to stay on the show for as long as possible. There is now a clear path from average tournament angler to TV pro and I reckon that’s as exciting as it gets for tournament anglers.

11. Who are the five most influential people in regard to your fishing?

Peter Morgan (Dad) and Bob Henderson (Grandad) who took Steve and I to the Nerang River fishing around the pontoons we all fish now, except we used mullet gut and Alveys. Steve Morgan who taught me about lure fishing and really got me into it. John Schofield who taught me how to cast a fly and fish deep fly and lastly Carl Jocumsen who keeps reminding me to have fun while fishing.

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