Prawning Around
  |  First Published: April 2007

Dad, Jay and I often go prawning from February to April. Low tide is the best so the prawns are not in the mangroves. You can catch tiger, leader, banana and greasy prawns.

When looking for prawns you let your boat make a big wash and watch to see if there are any prawns around. If there are prawns there they will usually start jumping. This can give you an idea of where to throw your cast net.

When you throw your net you should let it sink and slowly pull it though the water so it closes. This stops the prawns from flicking out of the bottom of the net. Cast nets with a top pocket are the best for prawning as prawns usually flick up into the top of the net. When you are pulling your net be careful of stonefish, bullrouts and happy moments. Be really careful of stonefish because sometimes they look just like a piece of mud or rock in your net.

When you throw your net make sure you have a look for snags so you don’t hook your net and tear it. Snags are fallen trees that can be seen coming from the banks into deeper water.

I sometimes wear a shirt with buttons when cast netting and I think it is better to wear a long-sleeve t-shirt with no buttons so the net doesn’t get caught on them when you are about to throw it.

When you are cooking the prawns you cook them in salt water so they don’t lose their flavour. Boil the water and then put the prawns in. Leave them until they float which usually takes 1-2 minutes. To peel a prawn simply break of its head off with you thumb and forefinger then you put your thumb in between its legs and rip the shell off. After that just squeeze and pull off the tail.

There are many videos and books that show the different ways to throw your net. (If you want more information on using nets contact QFM on (07) 3268 3992 to purchase a copy of Kerry Wright’s Bait Nets and Cast Nets for $9.95 – Ed).

Happy prawning!

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