Fishing fun in April
  |  First Published: April 2007

April is great time to fish as the harsh summer sun starts to ease. Hopefully a few early westerly breezes will pop their heads up so we can sneak out the front. After some much needed rain along the coast over previous months April should produce some great fishing.

Burnett River

The ever faithful Burnett hasn’t let anglers down lately with good bream, whiting and flathead on offer. There have also been some small mackerel taken early on trolled pilchards and # 4 spoons.

As the water temperatures fall we should see bigger pelagics coming in closer to the river mouth. Queenfish, Spanish mackerel and big trevally will all be hunting around the river mouth. Try jigging big 5” Berkley Jerk Shad soft plastics in white around the bait balls in the middle of the river. It’s as simple as finding the big bait balls with your sounder and then keeping the boat there while you drop the plastic down and wind it back up with plenty of pauses.

Further up the river, flathead will be as thick as thieves around the sand bars down from the ferry crossing. Trolling small shallow diving lures like Halco Laser Pro 90s and Tilsan Bass across the shallow sand should provide a good feed of flatties.

The big news for the Burnett this year has been the quality and quantity of fingermark landed in the river. Some of the local guys have been landing great table fish on live baits at night. These fish seem to be here to stay and shouldn’t move to far in May so grab some big live baits and head for the deep holes in the river at night.

The Baffle

The mighty Baffle has certainly become more popularity over the past few years. Last year I had some great surface fishing sessions in the small offshoot creeks on the incoming tides. My favourite lure for these areas is the Berkley Frenzy popper in the black and gold. After the recent rain there should be plenty of jelly prawns on the move which will attract lots of predators.

Further up river mangrove jack will start to feed well on the right tides and get ready for the cooler months ahead. Try Bottle Creek on the midday lows and sink Prawnstars slowly around the big snags in the upper reaches.

Isis Impoundment

It had been a while since I chased bass in the lake so I snuck out recently and rekindled my love for this little Aussie battler. The lake’s water level fluctuates and has been very low and clear recently. I took my kids fishing and watching them get nailed by good bass was a real buzz. We were fishing with lightly weighted plastics around the weed edges. My son landed a skinny 48cm bass but was just overshadowed by my 5-year-old daughter’s 49cm fish.

The lake should continue to fish well in April – especially around the weed edges.

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