Beach fishing the way to go
  |  First Published: April 2007

Almost all of February was a write-off for offshore fishing due to strong winds and (much welcome) rain.


Large high pressure systems coming out of the Great Australian Bight in rapid succession brought strong winds with them and restricted our offshore access. When the odd break in this pattern occurred we seized enjoyed some red hot fishing.

The offshore currents that prevented fishing last month are gone, which allowed us to travel to wider grounds. After trying a few different bommies we hit a purple patch. This location provided red emperor, snapper, parrot, pearl perch, sweetlip, Moses perch, hussar, gold-spot wrasse and cod. It was one of the most colourful catches of the year.

Some of the crew had done very little fishing and were having a bit of a hard time hooking them. I changed their hooks over to Gamakatsu tuna circles and they immediately got in on the action. These are great hooks for the inexperienced, as they are, to a certain extent, self-hooking.


One advantage to the constant southeast winds is that they keep the seaweed offshore and make for pretty clean beaches.

Bream and dart are still biting well and whiting, my favourite, are biting better than last month. Live worms are working on all of the beach fish.

I have had reports of tailor being caught at night near the oaks at Inskip Point on blue pilchards.


Quality whiting have been caught in Kauri Creek, and the bottom end of Fraser Island is another good spot to try. Live worms are your best bet.

Flathead continue to be an easy target off the sand bank edges around Bullock Point and soft plastics are the only way to go.

I would have thought it a little early in the season for catching squid, but not according to local Glen Callender. He has been cleaning up on them at night with the aid of a light directed into the water. He doesn’t like to give many secrets away, but I think he is fishing around Inskip Point area.

Hopefully we will get in some more fishing offshore this month, as it was this time last year when the big reds fired up.

If you would like to have a fish with Ed Falconer on his carter boat Keeley Rose, give him a call on 0407 146 151.

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