Cooler water arrives to mix it up
  |  First Published: April 2007

After an influx of cooler water around we should start to see a few of our winter species increase in numbers.

Here are a few fishing options if you are planning to wet a line on the Fraser Coast this month.


Coral bream, squire and blackall are worth a try on any of the local reefs in April. Squid, crabs and flesh baits will all work well and it’s a good idea to try them all until you find a clear winner.

Squid are on the move again and it I suggest jigging the water around the rocks, reefs and jetties throughout the bay if you’re after some fresh bait or some tasty rings.

Fishing around channel markers and beacons with soft plastics and lead slugs has accounted for mackerel, trevally and the odd cobia recently. These predators congregate around these structures because they hold baitfish. Many anglers use the beacons purely as a means of acquiring live bait before moving on to their chosen destination. It’s a good idea to have at least one angler jigging something that can handle larger fish as it gives them a shot at larger baitfish like bonito or mack tuna and the chance to score a table fish before they move further afield.

The Gutters/25 Fathom Hole area is worth a try for early season snapper, coral bream, cod and scarlet sea perch. Anglers have to travel further to secure a feed so it pays to have an alternative game plan in case someone is anchored on your favourite spot.

Most of the reefs are quite large and by sounding a little wider, usually there is good ground not too far away.

With Easter upon us you can expect the waterways to be very busy. A little patience goes a long way, and we can then all hit the water and relax. Keep that in mind during the Easter break and enjoy your time on the water while you catch a few fish.

Trolling on dusk as a summer sun sets over the water.

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