Daiwa Bassin’ Qld Round 1
  |  First Published: April 2007

This year’s first round of the Daiwa Bassin’ Qld Series had all signs of being a huge event after all the enquiries and interest generated during the previous months as well as the anticipated waiting from last year’s competitors.

The stage was set and keen anglers were waiting for the 4.00pm registration start time.

The briefing at 7.00pm was delivered and welcomed old and new competitors to the 2007 season. Giveaways and the Yamaha prize packs were raffled off and won by some very happy entrants.

Saturday’s morning session produced some very good Somerset bass weights for the first weigh in at 11.00am. Monica Knight weighed in two bass for 3.15kg, Freddie Sawyer’s two bass weighed 3.15kg, followed closely by Trevor Burgess with two bass for 3.1kg.

The second session saw Steven Otto weigh in an impressive bag of two bass for 3.55kg with his brother Richard Otto landed two bass for 3.25kg. The third heaviest bag was Anthony Bausch’s 3.1kg one. Somerset was definitely delivering the quality bass it is known for.

Saturday nights Bassination session was where we all got together and talked about the day’s events, fishing strategies and Hard Luck stories. The most productive fishing method was slow rolling Jackalls over drop-offs or river beds or hopping Mask Vibs. Secret weights for session one and two were announced and prizes were awarded.

Lindsay Smith won the hard luck story after spending the morning at Kilcoy hospital after getting a Jackall removed. I also awarded Lindsay a prize for the longest wheel stand from the starting line with a tremendous effort of around 75m before he realized boats travel better at full throttle when trimmed out. Many people witnessed this effort and scored it a 10 out of 10 and I think the Crusty Demons are looking to sign him up for their travelling tour this year.

After Saturday night’s talks competitors were keen to get to their spots and use the information gathered to hunt down and bag two bass for this final session.

Gavin McKay was stoked with his bag of two bass for 3.8kg as well as his son Zack, with two bass for 3kg. It was classic father and son fishing.

The second heaviest was Jaimen Tunstall with two bass for 3.1kg and followed closely by Ken Houselander, with two bass for 3kg.

This left Steve Otto with 6/6 bass for 7.85kg as the senior winner, while Monica Knight took out the female section. The junior’s was won by Lauren Sargent with a 3/6 tournament bag for 3.5kg.

Anybody who is interested in participating in the Daiwa Bassin’ Qld Series can contact me at --e-mail address hidden-- or phone (07) 5497 9075. – Dave Hislop



PlaceAnglerFishWeight (kg)
1Steven Otto6/67.85
2Monica Knight4/66.5
3Ray Knight5/66.3


AnglerFishWeight (kg)
Monica Knight4/6 6.5


PlaceAnglerFishWeight (kg)
1Lauren Sargent3/63.5
2Zack McKay2/63.
3Jake Schwerin1/60.9
Big BassJason Warry 2.34kg
Secret Weight (0.75kg)Trevor Smith
Reads: 1943

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