Dropping blades and softies for June
  |  First Published: June 2017

As winter is underway there is already a great amount of action throughout the canals, Broadwater and Jumpinpin. Baitfish have inundated patches of the canals including the Logan River, Tipplers Channel, Coomera River and Nerang River.

Look for corners where the current would first hit. The baitfish will circle in the whirlpool on the other side. This is where the predatory fish will be searching, and occasionally busting up. All sorts of trevally, jacks, bream and mulloway will be caught in these areas, on bait, hardbodies and soft plastics.

A few flathead have been getting around, although not in great numbers or size. The odd big flathead can be caught throughout the Jumpinpin region and Tipplers Channel. The odd mulloway is also getting around. Some fish have a good size to them! Your best bet would be deep holes or inlets with a great amount of bait. Mulloway and flathead will lay here waiting to snatch up a feed on the run-out.

Within the next month or two we will see air temperatures drop dramatically, although the water temperatures won’t be affected too much. Winter is prime time for big bream, due to this being their spawning season. Deep holes are where you’re most likely to find the larger specimens. Some fish are easily over a kilo and 40cm.

There are plenty of ways to catch these fish, although my favourites are blades and small soft plastics. Sound up the school of bream or cast into a potential area. Carrying both of these lures is a good idea. I find purple, brown or pink blades work best. Blades around 1/12-1/4oz work in some parts of main river systems. Even up to 3/8oz will work when fishing in the Seaway or Jumpinpin on big tides. Don’t be afraid to use it!

With the cool weather comes tailor. Plenty of tailor are being caught in the white wash around the Seaway. By casting surface lures or spoons into the area, you should find yourself hooked up. You should catch these fish all throughout the day, although dawn and dusk always produce the most fish.

By putting in the extra effort to wake up at 4am (yes, I know how hard it is in winter, leaving a warm bed!) you will potentially score a feed before you know it. If you’re looking to take a couple home, remember to bleed them as soon as you catch them, simply by cutting their throat. Please only take what you need, so you can save some of the fun for the rest of us!

June is a perfect month for fishing. The canals and estuaries are producing. The Broadwater, Jumpinpin and Seaway are showing great signs of bait and decent fish. Like I said earlier, putting in the extra effort should see greater results!

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