Trout, bass and barra – can it get any better?
  |  First Published: April 2017

Summer is over, but it seems like the fishing has only gotten better and better. With the season coming a bit late this year, I think we’re in for some top fishing over next few months.

With summer being fairly mild, the creeks and rivers maintained flows, which was good. In our local creeks especially, the deeper holes had decent trout numbers. Spin anglers have the most success on small brown trout to 30cm.

In Traralgon Creek, the bass that have been stocked over the past few years have worked their way up the river now and are getting caught as high as Koornalla, which is great to see. In the Thomson River, the odd one has been caught as high as Bruntons Bridge. There’s obviously a stack downstream just above Cowwarr Weir, too.

The weir itself has been producing plenty of small bass around 22cm on average. Bigger bass of 30cm are in there as well. Garden worms have been doing well and anglers fishing with cicadas late in the day have been doing ok.

Lake Glenmaggie has been the standout with stacks of bass being caught on all methods. Fishing the deeper rocky drop-offs with soft plastics has been great and cicada style surface lures have been amazing before dark and after dark, as have small stickbaits. There have been some quality bass up to 40cm taken over the past month.

As for the barra, they have gone great over the past month. In fact, it has probably been the best month for barra catches. Most of the fish have been caught on poppers during the last hour before dark or on sunup and poppers with a bit of red or orange on them seem to be the go.

Soft plastics have been awesome as well, especially for boaties and they are catching plenty of barra on 100mm fish style plastics. A slow roll technique is the best method for catching a barra. They are getting big now as well with fish up to 80cm caught and the average seems to be about 60cm. There are some thumping bass as well. The biggest I have seen measured 54cm.

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