Catch a fish without breaking a sweat
  |  First Published: April 2017

It’s that time of the year when the temperature and humidity starts to drop. This makes all of our favourite outdoor activities a lot more enjoyable! I love the start of the cooler weather, because it opens up a lot of opportunities for extra effort when putting in the hard yards trekking into remote country, exploring stunning scenery and finding secret honey holes loaded with fish!

Jungle perch have been going off lately! I highly recommend exploring the jungle and rainforest country if you want to tangle with these majestic beauties. JPs are surface feeders, so using topwater lures is a great way to get into some serious action. Lately I have been using the new TT Lures BuzzlockZ and they have certainly increased my catch rates when it comes to topwater fishing.

Sooty grunter love to smash surface presentations and are known to go extremely hard, making for some exciting light gear fishing. They are tough Aussie natives that can be found in most of the freshwater creeks and rivers up here in the tropical north.

When out targeting jungle perch in the rainforest, a few big angry sooty are sure to make an appearance. They often get the upper hand in the battle, resulting in a quick swim to do some underwater untangling. My favourite presentation to throw at these brutes is the humble spinnerbait, as the flash and vibration are too hard for these guys to resist. They are such a cool fish and certainly test the skills of the angler.

With the cooler weather now approaching, the land-based sweetwater jacks will be less active, but definitely not off the list! They are still going to smash your lures, you just have to put it right on there door step. During these cooler times using artificial presentations that resemble that of a small mangrove jack will encounter a territorial strike!

As we all know, mangrove jacks are renowned for being super aggressive and like to hold firm in their domain, so working your lure to resemble an intruding fish will certainly draw the attention of a residential fish and you will eventually get the territorial strike!

I hope that everyone gets the opportunity to take advantage of this great time of year to experience some of the adventure that’s out there waiting.

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