Richmond’s first barra caught in Lake Fred Tritton
  |  First Published: March 2007

Just 12 months and 15 days after 627 barra fingerlings, measuring between 50-70mm, were released into Richmond’s Lake Fred Tritton, police sergeant and keen angler Andrew Ready caught the first barra measuring 43cm.

Sgt Ready was fishing with local Ben Smith at the time and said, “Although it was under-size at 43cm it was a healthy and weighty fish that will soon grow to the legal length of 60cm.

“I’ve been fishing the lake regularly catching a variety of fish including sooty grunter, sleepy cod, Gulf grunter, known locally as black bream, yellowfin perch and spangled perch. We were starting to think that all the barra had been eaten by the other fish,” said Sgt Ready

Sgt Ready makes his own flies and lures and was using a 35mm red/black/silver Scorpion RMG Lure with a diving depth of around 1.6m.

Counsellor Steve Single, who is the secretary of the Richmond Fish Stocking Group, was very happy to hear about the catch.

“We have had a lot of bad comments from the locals regarding the non-appearance of barra. They forget that the fingerlings were only released into the lake on 8 January last year and it is usually 18 months-2 years before the first barra are seen. This lake is full of food and there is no need for them to come to the surface to feed,” he said.

Cr Single said that it was a timely catch as representatives from the DPI&F are planning to survey the fish stock soon. This will provide more information about what fish are in the lake and their sizes. There should be plenty of fish activity over the next few months at Lake Fred Tritton. – RFSG

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