Weed free beaches great for fishing
  |  First Published: March 2007

March is a great time to fish the surf gutters of Teewah and Rainbow Beach. The weed free surf and crystal bluewater means this month will probably provide the best fishing opportunities in years.

There is always the chance of low pressure systems or cyclones arriving and causing big seas and floods – most local anglers are actually hoping this happens soon.

The Noosa River has not produced many fish and mud crabs seem to be holed up in the swamps and drains. Prawns, mullet and gar are still in the lakes and a rise in water levels will move these species downstream and prompt feeding activity from mangrove jack, trevally, jewfish, bream, tailor and whiting. The flushing would also get things moving on the beaches, particularly near the mouth.

There have been some isolated catches including several hauls of 6 or more mangrove jack along the ferry section of the river. Jacks have also arrived near the Sheraton and between lakes Coorooibah and Cootharaba. Threadfin salmon are chasing prawns in Cooroibah around the lake’s weed edges and can be taken on plastics, livies and fresh prawn baits. Some 5-15lb jew have taken live baits between Munna Point and the mouth along with a few tailor. Trevally can be found as far upstream as the first lake. Flathead are taking live and dead baits, lures and plastics from Tewantin to the clear water inside the mouth.

Mangrove jack will be a target species in March and Surebite lures are as good as any brands. They are available at BCF for around $5. Lightweight brown, black and gold plastics are also a very good option for anglers wanting to fish with artificials. I think the best way to target jacks is with a handline and a live poddy mullet.

Live baits are still the best way to target many species but can be difficult to find. Cast and drag nets are usually used, but I use cylindrical bottles (V8 tomato juice bottles work well) as traps for poddies. I put half a piece of bread in the bottle and then lay it in knee to waist depth water. Poddies then swim into the bottle and are then trapped. These traps can also be dropped over the side of the boat when fishing for livies.

The beach fishing has been quite good but some minor commercial netting has affected dart and tailor numbers. The gutters are still holding dart, tarwhine, whiting and tailor with a few golden trevally taking worms and pipis at the southern end of Teewah Beach. Whiting are everywhere with large females being caught amongst the schools of dart. Larger whiting prefer the valve section of the pipi.

Tailor fishing usually fires up in March and if my recent captures are any indication – we’re in for plenty of fun this season. Flesh baits like pillies always work but I have found that the southern migrating tailor prefer fast metal lures. Fish will find it hard to resist 40g slugs in calm situations and 65-80g in heavier conditions that are being retrieved quickly. Gutters with coffee rock and the corners of sand bars where the gutter opens to the sea are the best locations.

After a promising start to the season, the bay has become almost totally devoid of any surface mack or tuna action. Fingers crossed that we are only just waiting for the fish to arrive.

In March work will commence on removing the Cherry Venture from the beach. The beach from Freshwater Rd north will be closed as of the 1 March for six weeks. Access to Double Island Point will only be possible from the northern side through Rainbow Beach. It makes it a bit difficult to access Double Island Point but I get to spin the beach with Sliders on my way to work each morning, so I’m happy.

If you want information about Rainbow Beach or Teewah send me an email or drop into Noosa’s BCF to see me.

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