Bendigo abounds with options
  |  First Published: March 2017

Anglers fishing in the Bendigo region have many great options now. Water clarity has settled in the local rivers and the productivity in the fishing has been great. Our local impoundments are fishing well, but the amount of boat traffic can make finding some quiet water difficult.


Redfin continue to make up the majority of anglers’ captures. The best concentrations of redfin can be found in a depth range of 4-5m of water. If you are chasing redfin, you must be prepared to move around a lot in order to find the fish. If you can find areas where there is a good concentration of baitfish (juvenile redfin) then some larger redfin won’t be far away.

The baitfish are moving all the time, so the trend has also seen the larger redfin moving regularly. Once a good concentration of redfin is located, a number of techniques have been working. Casting soft plastics and blades has been productive. Casting and trolling lipless crankbaits has been working. Trolling small hardbody lures has also been a good option. On a recent tour to this destination I would have tried over 30 different areas before I managed to locate a good concentration of fish.

The golden perch fishing has been slow in Lake Eppalock this season. Small numbers of this species are currently being caught. The majority of these have been caught by anglers casting the edges of rocky shorelines with lipless crankbaits. Small numbers of Murray cod have been caught. Most of these have been caught by anglers casting to lay-me-down timber with spinnerbaits or trolling larger lures around the rocky shorelines.

A recent report of an angler landing a Murray cod at Lake Eppalock measuring over one metre is encouraging. With good stocking in the future by Victorian Fisheries, hopefully we will see a continuing improvement in the Murray cod fishery.


The fishing in the Campaspe River has improved a lot over recent weeks. Water clarity has improved and the fishing is currently very good. Your first impressions when you get to the river will be that water clarity is poor. There is currently a lot of tannin colour in the water. Once you get on the water and you start fishing, you will see the clarity is good. A wide range of lures has been productive.

Casting spinnerbaits and lipless crankbaits has been the most popular option. Hardbody lures have also been producing good results. Recently, golden perch are the main species being caught. The average size of the golden perch is around 40cm. Reasonable numbers of Murray cod have been landed. The average size of the Murray cod being caught has been 50-60cm with the occasional larger fish landed. Small numbers of redfin have also been caught in the Campaspe River.


Water clarity has been improving Cairn Curran. We have seen an improvement in the fishing here over the last month. Reasonable numbers of redfin are being caught and the best concentrations of fish are being found in the depths of around 4-6m. Casting soft plastics and blades has been the best option for the redfin.

The golden perch fishing has been reasonable. The most productive technique for the golden perch fishing has been casting lipless crankbaits around the edges of rocky shorelines. Small numbers of Murray cod have also been caught at this location. Trolling 75-120mm hardbody lures has been working. Casting large lipless crankbaits like Jackall Doozer and the new 100mm Mazzy Vib have been good options for those anglers targeting Murray cod.


The fishing in the Loddon River has been very good lately and the productivity should continue. Most days see a bite window early in the morning and late in the afternoons. The fishing during the middle of the day has been slow, so if you are planning a trip to this destination, plan for an early start or late finish to experience the most productive fishing.

Golden perch are making up the majority of captures. They are measuring 40-45cm. Productive lures for the golden perch have been dark coloured spinnerbaits and a combination of both dark colours and reflective colours in the lipless crankbaits. Good numbers of golden perch are also being caught on small to medium sized hardbody lures.

Some good numbers of Murray cod have also been caught in the Loddon River over recent weeks. The average size of the Murray cod being caught has measured 50-60cm. There have also been a few very large Murray cod measuring up to and over the magical metre. The Loddon River has been receiving a lot of fishing pressure lately. Anglers producing the best results are those who have the higher skill level and can get lures into the tight spots.
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