Fishing Hot as February Rolls Around
  |  First Published: February 2007

By February everyone will be back at work so let’s hope that 2007 brings us everything we want. Now is a good time to sit down and work out where you want to fish and what type of fishing you want like to do this year.

It’s no secret that I love gamefishing so I’m planning on fishing with my 8-year-old son in Port Stephens and Cairns and introducing him to heavy tackle fishing on 24kg tackle. I would like to see him catch his first trolled barramundi so he can enjoy an explosive encounter with our native fish.

Monduran Dam

I love this place because it’s at my back door and we usually catch right through to March and into April. If you have plenty of time, get to Gin Gin and take of advantage of one of Queensland’s best dams.

This season’s fishing has been slow to start with weather temperatures not reaching the maximums they did last year. Last year the wind was primarily from the north which created warm water. This year, so far, we have mainly had southeasterly patterns, which have kept the water temperature a couple of degrees cooler than last year. In 2006 trolling around the deeper section of the dam produced lots of fish. We haven’t had much success so far this year but it should improve for February.

If you’re coming to Gin Gin expect to put in some big fishing days as plenty of 1m+ fish have been caught this year.

If you are coming to Gin Gin, you can book a campsite at the park with Rob and Kelly at the dam or possibly upgrade to one of the cabins. You can catch the courtesy bus into the Gin Gin Hotel at night to cool off after a hot day in the sun, enjoy a cold drink and one of Queensland’s greatest steaks (I’d have to agree Rob, the steak is first rate – Ed). You can also stay at one of the motels or hotels in Gin Gin.

If you’re new to town you can see me at the Gin Gin Hotel or Rob and Kelly at the dam to find out what’s biting and where.

Most anglers like to hunt and cast for their fish, which is a great way to catch fish, but a lot of beginners find this difficult. I suggest you save yourself some money and use a guide as it will saves in fuel and time. You will get an insight into where the fish are and how to catch them.

There are three charter operators working the dam: I work for Bundaberg Fishing Charters; Adrian Kemp who operates from the dam (just see Rob and Kelly at the Kiosk), or Brett Jones at Still Water Charters.

So use the facility, it doesn’t cost as much as you think.

Offshore report

The weather has been the worst I can remember for a while with only small fishing windows on offer over the December and early January period. We also had the closures for coral fin species during December.

Anglers fishing along the coast reported good numbers of black marlin captures with as many as 22 fish caught in December. This has to be one of the best places along the coast to catch billfish, as we seem to be able to catch them all year.

On a recent trip we trolled around Rooneys Point and had a double hook up on small black marlin and another 100kg fish. We managed to switch it onto a lure after unsuccessfully trying to feed it a garfish. We continued to fight this fish for 2+ hours on 8kg. What a day! It was awesome to see this fish greyhound across the sea pulling line off the screaming reel at an unbelievable speed.

The reef fishing has just been as good with big red emperor and coral trout hitting the floor of the boat.

The jigging has been exceptional with large amberjacks smashing lures. We do have a high mortality rate with the sharks though.

GTs have been awesome on the full moon fishing the shallow reefs such as the shoals and trevally alley.

Our wrecks sites, that produce the 20kg+ fish, have been firing on all cylinders with some magic big fish coming from them.

I’m just getting ready to do another trip now and I can’t believe how excited I still feel at the expectation of another great fishing trip.

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