Codoholics come to Eildon
  |  First Published: March 2017

With the sheer amount of quality cod and the impressive spring yellowbelly bite Eildon is famous for, I suppose it’s time to give Eildon a comparison to Lake Mulwala as possibly the best native fishery in Victoria.

Personally, I think it’s clearly the best, with the Fisheries’ Murray Cod Million program putting the balance on the debate. I know there will be lots of people who disagree with me, but the sheer weight of numbers don’t lie.

Throughout January and February, almost every other day we were hearing of cod over the meter mark, and fish of all sizes being caught too. The average size seems to be around 65cm, and this is very impressive in my book and will only get stronger over the coming years with the lake expected to not dip below 60% after the irrigation season comes to a halt. With that, it should comfortably fill to capacity in winter, which can only benefit the health of all species in the lake.

Recently, Matty Wright picked up a lovely 94cm model ina amazing condition. Benny Millot landed a cracker over the meter mark on a yabby somewhere up near Goughs Bay, which is an incredible catch!

It’s great to see the lake quieter now with all the crowds having disappeared. We can get some peaceful fishing sessions in without being bombarded with wakes and noisy jet skis.

One vey good sign is the explosion of schools of small reddies getting about all over the place, which points to a great deal of fish for the plate over the coming seasons – I can’t wait!

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