Get your cod on
  |  First Published: March 2017

Our great run of weather continues with hot days and calm seas.


We’ve managed quite a few offshore trips lately, with reef fishing being the predominant activity. Mackerel have really proven a little bit hot and cold so far this season.

We’ve been getting some good catches of snapper and pearl perch. Maori and estuary cod have been extremely active, and any type of big flesh bait or live bait has been fallen for.

It’s been really easy to round up an esky full of hussar and tuskfish, especially on those days when big long drifts seem to produce the goods.

There have been massive schools of longtail tuna. Although they’re only small, they provide a lot of fun on light gear.


There have been some really good dart being caught from the surf side at Inskip Point and the odd chopper tailor is mixed up amongst them. Toward the other end of the beach at Double Island Point, whiting have been running pretty hot on the Teewah Beach side.

March has never had the best reputation for weather, but on days past that we have been able to fish, it has been a very good month for pelagics. Reef fishing is also good if (and that’s a big if) weather conditions are favourable.

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