Hot and gusty weather
  |  First Published: March 2017

It’s been one of those summers. We’ve battled scorching heat and we’ve had relentless winds over 25 knots from the north and southeast to deal with as well! It’s been a few years since we have experienced a summer weather pattern like this. It’s by no means uncommon on the Fraser Coast.

The good news is the fishing has been so good in close and up the creeks that anglers haven’t had to travel far to get amongst the action. Summer go-to species like whiting, flathead, coral bream, cod, grunter and threadfin salmon have been a reliable source of entertainment.

Targeting dawn and dusk tides and night fishing has been the key to avoiding being burnt to a crisp on the hottest days. The full kit of UV shirts, head socks, big hats and sunscreen is mandatory, and you still want to avoid the middle of the day if you can.

Local reefs in close to Fraser and Big Woody Island continue to produce mixed bags of tuskies, trout, blackall, coralies and cod on a mixture of plastics, micro-jigs, live and fresh baits. Other captures include mackerel, trevally and grunter, which are often found working the ledges, reefs and rubble that are so common along Fraser Island.

The Mary and Susan rivers are always reliable for our bread and butter species. When you pair that with the run of big threadfin and grunter we’ve experienced over the past few months, it’s no wonder the boat ramp car park has been so full. Metre plus threadies and grunter in the 50-65cm range have dominated catches. Multiple boats hooked-up at one time on big fish has been a common sight.

Platypus Bay has been a write-off for most of the holidays, but as we move into autumn, things should start to settle down hopefully. If we get a reprieve from the wind, there should still be mac tuna, spotties and longtails to chase. Our run of marlin this season has been a bit of a fizzer compared to other years, but there will be a few fish around the Rooneys to Wathumba area for the next couple of months, before they move on for another year.

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