High Country Carp Competition
  |  First Published: February 2017

It’s not often you hear about a fishing competition in the high country that’s not trout focussed – but it’s even more unusual that the competition in question be organised, directed and run by 3 school kids!

As part of a community learning project, Dean, Cameron and Chad from The Apline School in North East Victoria are organising a carp competition for the local fishers.

After deciding that the numbers of carp in the local streams was getting out of hand, the boys decided that something needed to be done. Being avid trout anglers, it’s in their interest, and the interest of the local community no doubt, that carp numbers be reduced to allow for greater trout numbers. So they devised way to bring the community together and eradicate some of the local carp – a win-win for everyone!

The competition will take place on the weekend of 25-26 February, and there will be prizes for Biggest Carp, Smallest Carp and Biggest Bag. There will be both Junior and Senior categories. The carp caught will be collected from the anglers at the Albion Hotel and put in a trailer, where they will be taken to a local property for disposal.

Anglers will have the choice to fish in the Livingstone, Tambo and Mitta Mitta river systems, with the tributaries of those rivers also allowed.

The weigh-on will be happening 12-2pm on Sunday 26 February at The Albion Hotel, and presentations will be at 4pm, where competitors can swap stories, perhaps over an ale or two.

Entry fees are $2 for under 16s, $5 for adults, and $10 for families, and fees can be paid at the weigh-in.

If you’re in North East Victoria, or just passing through, in late February, why not get involved in this competition an support a local community, and help eradicate the carp to make this area famous for its trout fishing once more! – FMG

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