Murray cod playing the game
  |  First Published: February 2017

What an amazing start to the year we have had up here at Eildon, with the bumper crowds of all sorts using this massive waterway.

It didn’t slow down the cod, with the green machines absolutely going off! There have been reports of a handful of big bangers over the meter mark and fish up around the 80-85cm mark being the norm. It’s fair to say it’s on fire!

On a recent holiday trip down south, Joyce and Jade McEwen were treated to a day on the lake with local angler Steve Vidler, and young Jade got her first ever fish! It’s great watching a youngster hook up for the first time; I just love it.

I was able to catch-up with Daniel Piazza from Primal Spin Baits for a quick morning session. There’s a few new colours and designs, and they didn’t disappoint, with us picking up three nice cod for the morning with the best a thick set 65cm model, which put up a great fight.

It’s really cool to fish with a young man who has so much passion for his products, which are all hand made himself, and his attention to detail is first class. Let's be honest, you can’t reinvent the spinnerbait, but to the keen eyed angler, it’s those little details and subtle changes that give the user confidence in their baits, and where there’s confidence, there is success. I was super impressed with his flouro bladed Twin Spin, it had such a subtle and smooth vibe through the rod tip at very low speed, which is important to me with any spinnerbait. I highly recommend you give ‘em a crack. Jump on his Facebook page at Primal Spin Baits and find out where you can get hold of some, and you won’t be disappointed.

On the yella side of things, it seems they took ta Christmas break, with very few reports coming in lately. They should start chewing again coming into March.

There’s only a few reports of redfin and nothing of any size to report, but it won’t stop the efforts from diehards.

Tight lines and stay safe out there.

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