Bye-bye, black water and hello Mighty Murray love
  |  First Published: February 2017

Finally the mighty Murray River here at Mildura has slowly settled down with the black water receding and being flushed out of the system for good. The clarity at Mildura is on the improve as well as the fishing. The fishing is heating up for both things with shells and scales. That’s right, the yabbies of recent have fired immensely and many families have had a decent feed of these delicious crustaceans.

The movement of yabbies has attracted a lot of attention from near and far recently. The yabby-eaters amongst us are licking our lips and drooling over photos of full eskies. A lot of areas around Mildura have reported good hauls of yabbies. Be careful and make sure you abide by the rules and regulations that fisheries enforce to achieve a sustainable fishing future. Make sure you know if you are in NSW or Victorian waters before you head off and make sure you have the correct licenses and nets or you could be walking away from your yabbying trip with a fine.

Golden perch have also showed their faces both on bait and lures around the region. Backwaters around regulators have produced solid numbers of golden perch and plenty of small Murray cod have been caught within these areas. Small sinking Jackall TN 60s and 70s have been the go-to lures on the cast for golden perch. Though the main Murray River itself has produced plenty of golden perch on lures as well. Both the cast and the troll have produced cracker golden perch.

Upstream of Wentworth and further on to Mildura has produced very nice fish of late. Many individual anglers believe the black water would have killed all the cod. This is false. I know large cod have been caught within this pool as well as many small ones in these areas, which would have been here during the black water event and survived. Here at Mildura, we have such a large volume of water and river to deal with the black water. However, a dead cod is devastating to see and many areas have suffered a lot worse than Mildura. Regardless, the fish are still there to chase.

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