A big New Years for fishing
  |  First Published: December 2016

The weather is hanging in there and the fishing is still fantastic.

Offshore, nice reef fish are still on the chew. We had another good run of snapper along with pearl perch, tuskfish, Moses perch and Maori cod. Cobia and amberjack have been quite active, especially when live bait is used. The odd red emperor has also fallen for livies.

Beach fishing has been a bit challenging with the north winds bringing weed onto the beach. However, some clean spots have produced some ripper whiting. The Great Sandy Straits have had more beautiful flathead caught. The bottom end of Fraser Island is still the hot spot. With the steaming hot weather, mangrove jack have really fired up. Reports of fish over 50cm are common.

January is another big mackerel month and it’s very easy to bag out early, going by previous years. We’ve also had some good pearl perch and scarlet perch catches. The silly season is here, so be careful on the water.

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