Summer sun and cool canals
  |  First Published: December 2016

Welcome to 2017! The fishing is set to only get better, with a nice increase of temperature, which will result in plenty of bait throughout our local canals. 2017 will be a year with plenty of PBs for many, and a year filled with great times on the water.

January will be a month of warm water temperatures, especially deep into canal systems where there is less water movement at the change of the tides. This, at times, can be a spot that produces a lot of fish. Mangrove jack, bream, trevally and flathead can be caught in these areas, and the bait can be found in shaded areas, including jetties, mangroves, bridges and natural structures. So if you haven’t already worked it out – cast out, and keep your lure in amongst structure.

Mangrove jack have been caught in great numbers, and without a doubt, live bait and 4” plastics with a large paddle-tail have been doing majority of the damage. Big fish are around this time of year, so try and keep your gear reasonably heavy; using a rod, preferably 4kg-7kg, 4000 size reel, 20lb+ braid and 30lb leader. Remember that if the bite gets tough, downgrade your tackle, although keep in mind that the lighter you go, the more chances you have of losing your fish throughout the fight, or even when the fish first gets his mouth around that lure. ZMan 3” Trick SwimZ are definitely one to give a go, with their large paddle-tail just screaming, “eat me!”

A great deal of whiting have been caught in the Broadwater on poppers and small curl-tail plastics around 2-3”. Clear water has been producing most of the fish and best results, around where the shallow sand flats drop off into deeper water – especially during the run-out tide. Don’t be surprised to hook a solid bream or even a flathead when fishing these areas. If a hungry flathead sees an easy feed of injured baitfish on the surface, it won’t hold back. ‘Walk-the-dog’ surface styled lures are an excellent whiting lure. These whiting taste beautiful on the pan, with a light coat of beer batter and a side of chips!

Within the next month we will see temperatures hit their peak of the year – but up until then, we will see temperatures up in the high 30s, possibly even low 40s, with this hot summer we’re in. I can’t tell you enough that summer is my favourite time of the year for fishing, and those afternoon summer storms after a hot day just get the heart pumping! January is set to be a magnificent month of fishing, already getting my mouth watering just writing about it! Keep in mind; it’s certainly going be a hot month, so keep reapplying the sunscreen. See you on the water!

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